Sophie Clarke

With "Survivor" about halfway through its season, former Willsboro Central School valedictorian Sophie Clarke is holding her own.

At present, there is a news blackout, so contestants and their families can't be interviewed about the show.

"Sophie and her family are available again to speak with press after her status on the show changes (if she is eliminated or wins)," CBS spokesperson Mallory Mason said in an email. On the episode that ran two weeks ago, Clarke displayed her physical prowess as well as her intellectual acumen as she twice won the privilege of wearing the "Immunity Necklace" during two of the votes designed to relegate the undesirables or underachievers to a location called Redemption Island.

In the physical competition, the contestants were required to carry bowls of rice on their heads while navigating two see-saw-like contraptions and then dumping the contents into a large receptacle. When enough rice was accumulated to tip a fulcrum, a flag was activated to declare the winner.

Most of the contestants appeared conservative in the amount they transported in any one journey, and most ended up dumping the precious commodity to the ground. Clarke, however, carried more rice per trip, did not drop her cargo and raised the flag in triumph after only three journeys.

The second challenge that night involved the contestants' knowledge of survival skills. Clarke, a pre-med student, was the only contestant to answer all of the questions correctly.

Last week, she was virtually non-existent, as the show focused on the soap-opera-like machinations of contestants as they ganged up on each other to get their target voted out of the compound.

The weekly reality show airs again at 8 tonight on local CBS affiliates.

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