Shuttle madness? SUNY coders made an app for that

ROBIN CAUDELL/STAFF PHOTOSUNY Plattsburgh Coding Hub members created Shuttler, an App to help students get from Point A to B or C with real-time tracking of the shuttles operated by College Auxiliary Services. Pictured (from left) are William Vo, public relations chair; Hung Nguyen, vice president; Swornim Barahi, PR; Gonzalo Reyes, president, and Khanh Le, treasurer. All are computer science majors and seniors with the exception of Le, a sophomore. 

PLATTSBURGH — The Code Hub Team’s “Shuttler” app slays the guesswork in catching SUNY Plattsburgh’s ubiquitous red shuttles to designated stops about town.

The app was released Monday evening in the HUB in the Angell College Center.


“As a student like most of us, I also take the shuttle every semester to go here and there to buy stuff,” Hung Nguyen, Computing Hub vice president and senior majoring in computer science, said.

“It’s very frustrating to stand in the cold especially this time waiting for shuttle. Sometimes, it doesn’t come at all. Sometimes it comes late and sometimes I forgot the schedule.

“We came up with the idea to know where the shuttle is when it is running, where it exactly is and see it on the map something like Uber. That’s why we came up with the idea.”


The Coding Hub Team includes William Vo, Gonzalo Reyes, Swornim Barahi and Kkanh Le.

“With the Shuttle App, you can track where the shuttle is,” Nguyen said.

“It will tell you the location of the shuttle in real time. There will be no delay, unless there is some connection problem but worse case scenario, it will be in real time.”

Reyes designed both of the user interfaces or “UIs.”

“The idea started last year at this point of time,” Nguyen said.

“We executed our implementation from last summer. We take a break in the summer, and then we came back this semester and finished it.”

Shuttler users will receive notifications if the shuttle is canceled or delayed.

“For example, for the break, the schedule will be changed,” he said.

“There will be a notification section, this is where you receive messages from people who run the shuttle, which is basically the CAS.”

Students will always know where the shuttle is.

“You can see that the shuttle is not running at all, then you know the shuttle is not running,” Nguyen said.


For Androids, Shuttler can be downloaded through the following links:

Shuttler App Website:



At Google Play Store, search for Shuttler@SUNY Plattsburgh.

For iPhones, the iOS version will be available at the Apple App Store soon.

“It takes a while for Apple to refresh their store’s listing or something,” Nguyen said.

“It should be coming up soon. If you open up the camera app on your phone and put it on the screen, it might intentionally recognize the link and allow you to open it. If you still have problems downloading the App, we are here to help.”


Once students download the app, they are not good to go.

“When you download the App, you need to authenticate yourself as a student to use the App because we don’t want any outsiders to use the App and see where the shuttle is,” Nguyen said.

“So to lock into the app, you need to enter your Plattsburgh email and we will send you an email and in that email there’s a link. Click on that link and it will send you to the App and then you’re locked in. There is no password. We just need to authenticate that you own the email and you can access the email that we send you.”


The jury is still out on the Shuttler’s efficacy, but students are already leaning in on more features such as having a way to know the occupancy of the shuttle.

Is it full or not?

“That is also something that we have in mind to keep track of the number of students riding the shuttle,” Nguyen said.

“Like you said, the only way to do that is to actually have the driver inputting the exact number at the moment. We need more conversations with Wayne (Duprey, executive director of CAS), the person who operates the shuttle. That is something that we would like to add.”

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