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PLATTSBURGH — Sixteen years after its first meeting, the local Riverwalk Committee has an office to call its own.

Riverwalk Committee Chairwoman Jann Shambo said an office on the second floor of Plattsburgh City Hall, near the former City Court room, is being used to store supplies, including sample pavers, pictures, files, banners and plans.

It is also a place for the committee to work on its projects.

She wanted to make it clear the office isn’t open to the public or even staffed by Riverwalk members. It does allow her access to office machines she needs to fulfill her role, as well as proximity to the offices of City Clerk Keith Herkalo and City Engineer Kevin Farrington, with whom she works on a regular basis.

“The committee really appreciates the help given them by the city department heads,” Shambo said.

Riverwalk is a combination of lighted walkways, commemorative pavers and landscaping at the Samuel de Champlain Monument on Cumberland Avenue and Macdonough Monument, both leading to the Saranac River.

Original plans to extend Phase 2 toward Bridge Street have been abandoned because of the large ice blocks that come up over the river bank and damage the walkway rails, Shambo said.


She said the pavers aren’t technically sold. For a donation of $45 or more to the Riverwalk, a person gets to have an inscription placed on a brick paver and a certificate in recognition of that donation.

Riverwalk pavers start at $45 for a 4-by-8-inch brick engraved with three lines of up to 12 characters per line. A donation of $1,200 allows for a pathway pod, which contains a 16-by-16-inch granite block inscribed with 12 lines of up to 18 characters per line and room for 32 4-by-8-inch pavers.

The bricks are city property and are placed in the walkway that leads to the Saranac River on both sides of Macdonough Monument.

The pavers make a unique gift, Shambo said, and are available all this week for people looking for a last-minute idea. The donation would include a certificate noting the gift has been made.


Shambo said the Riverwalk Committee meets at 4:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of the warmer months. The meetings are held in the City Hall Community Room, which is the renovated former City Court room.

“We need new members with new ideas,” she said. “Most of us have been there a long time.”

Shambo said she personally would like to see the Riverwalk project extended into Trinity Park, with some pavers, walkways and a few trees.

“The main thing I would like to see is a fountain.”

There used to be one there 45 or 50 years ago, she said, with a statue right in the middle. Her idea would be to have it paid for by donations, similar to the way Riverwalk has been created.


Shambo said they can always use a number of reliable volunteers in the summer who can help with weeding, watering and removing dead blossoms from the flowers along the walkways.

Shambo said people have always been good about responding to the committee’s urgent pleas for help before big events such as the Battle of Plattsburgh.

“We seem to be blessed with excellent volunteers that come forth. But, it would make things easier if some of that work could be done in summer.”

For more information about Riverwalk pavers and benches, call 563-7702.

To join the Riverwalk Committee or become a volunteer, call Jann Shambo at 561-1213.

E-mail Dan Heath at:

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