KAYLA BREEN/STAFF PHOTOLake Champlain is set to host the 42nd annual Mayor's Cup Regatta at 10 a.m. today. The regatta showcases three divisions, including racing, cruising and multihull, featuring sailboats from all over the Northeast.

PLATTSBURGH — Lake Champlain is once again set to host one of the staples to Mayor's Cup weekend.

The 42nd annual Mayor's Cup Regatta will be held today at 10 a.m., featuring sailboats from all over the Northeast.

The regatta showcases three divisions, including racing, cruising and multihull.

The winner of the racing division will take home the coveted Mayor's Cup trophy, while the Rotary Cup, awarded by the Sunrise Rotary Club since 1997, will be given to the cruising champion.

“It's a great community event,” regatta coordinator Dr. Kjell Dahlen said. “It's not just for the sailors. It's a good way for people to enjoy the summer in Plattsburgh without spending a ton of money.

“Most of the sailboats come from Canada, Vermont and downstate, and it's a great way to showcase the community and how nice it is.”

The Mayor's Cup trophy will have a new owner this year, as reigning champion John Touron and the crew of Dunder are not entered in the 2019 field.

Dahlen said some of the potential favorites in the racing division include Quebec's Jean Pierre Turgeon (Corbeau), Peru's Craig Meyerson (Souvenir), Plattsburgh's Ed and John Trombley (Odinn), Rensselaer's Mark Stata (Witchcraft) and Vermont's Tris Coffin (Stratos).

“What's unique about the field of boats this year in the racing division is the fact that there are a lot of different boats that have a chance,” Dahlen said. “I don't think there is a definite favorite.”

Vermont's William Whalen won last year's Rotary Cup, guiding Remedy II to a first-place finish in the cruising division.

According to Dahlen, Quebec's Jocelyn Duteau (The Avengers), Montreal's Miro Balcar (Endo-X) and Pennsylvania's John Hutchinson (Crusader) have a good chance of finishing strong in the cruising division.

Ballston Spa's Dan Kisel's Way 2 Many is back in the multihull division to defend his title after finishing last year in a time of 19:39.40.

Today's forecast calls for thunderstorms, according to The Weather Channel. The temperature is estimated to reach 80 degrees when boats set sail in the morning with winds coming from the south at 6 mph.

“I am not worried about rain or the wind patterns,” Dahlen said. “I am concerned about the lightning because that's when there is a safety issue. If there is a high risk of lightning, we will have to delay the race or postpone it to another day, but hopefully, none of that will be a concern.

“In these days, you watch the radar a lot. I am getting in touch with some of the local meteorologists as well to help me out and let me know what exactly to expect.”

To have a successful day, Dahlen acknowledged sailors will have to anticipate wind shifts, which proved to be a prominent factor in last year's regatta.

“When the wind shifted last year, the people who anticipated the wind change were the people that had the most success,” Dahlen said. “One of the keys is to look for the darker clouds because that's where the wind is.”

After the regatta, a post-race barbecue will be held at 4 p.m. followed by an award ceremony at 6 p.m.

Both events will be held at the Plattsburgh Boat Basin on Doc Street.

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Fleet Division Boat Club Name

A Racing Corbeau St. Bernard de Lacolle, QC. Jean-Pierre Turgeon

A Racing Souvenir Peru Craig Meyerson

A Racing Odinn Plattsburgh Ed and John Trombley

A Racing Polar Express Plattsburgh Don Duley

B Racing Witchcraft Renselaer Mark Stata

B Racing Lift Ticket Richmond, Vt. Sam Pratt

C Racing Stratos Shelburne, Vt. Tris Coffin

C Racing Muse South Londonderry, Vt, Doug Friant

C Racing Enki Jericho, Vt. Cindy Turcotte

C Racing Sundance Jeffersonville, Vt. Tom Glynn

C Racing Rogue South Burlington, Vt. Walt Marti

C Racing Kuja 2 Slingerlands Lawrence Robinson

D Racing Obelix Plattsburgh Michael Parsons/Peter Hall

D Racing Thankful Burlington, Vt. Gerry Couture

D Racing Lil 'Bot South Burlington, Vt. Benedek Erdos

D Racing Osprey Burlington, Vt. Thomas Porter

D Racing Raven Charlotte, Vt. Wendy Friant

D Racing Lilly Westfoed, Vt. Charles Padula

D Racing Gusto South Burlington, Vt. Skip McClelland

D Racing Rhumb Runner Plattsburgh Tim McCormick

A Cruising The Avengers Lacolle, QC    Jocelyn Duteau

A Cruising Believe In L'Assomtion, QC Francois Turcotte 

A Cruising Endo-X Montreal Miro Balcar

B Cruising O'De Vent St. Jean, QC Daniel Hancock

B Cruising Le Saint Yves Verdun, QC Yves Vachon   

B Cruising The First Boleil, QC Marc Deslauriers

B Cruising Talisman Londonderry, Vt.    Les Velte

B Cruising Pegasus Wickham, QC Patrice Audrain

C Cruising Edelweiss II Bridport, Vt. Ulrich Holzinger

C Cruising Townshipper St. Armand, QC John Weideman

D Cruising Crusader Saxonburg, Pa. John Hutchinson

D Cruising Evasion Colchester, Vt. Richard Ritter

D Cruising Red October Dickinson Center Thomas Loftus

No fleet Multihull Shaboom Shaboom Duanesburg Kim Roberts

No fleet Multihull Space Station Huntington, Vt. Jeff Chapman

No fleet Multihull This Side Up Ravena Tom Field

No fleet Multihull Buzz Schodack Landing Peter Knapp

No fleet Multihull Feralcat Scotia Ted Feurer

No fleet Multihull Big Red Saratoga Friends Devin Van Zandt

No fleet Multihull Way 2 Many Ballston Spa Dan Kisel

No fleet Multihull Juliebird Cohoes Bruce Way