PLATTSBURGH -- Here's a list of land transactions in Clinton County April 30 through May 4, 2007.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Clinton County Clerk's Office:

To LTS Homes Inc. from Shirley E. Thomas Depo, Peru, $54,000.

To Ron Fuller from Rick's Chips Inc., Altona, $33,000.

To Carl LaShomb from Citibank NA, Ellenburg, $25,000.

To Cassidy P. O'Brian, Patti S. McGrath and Molly L. Wells from James H. O'Brian, Dannemora, zero dollars.

To Ralph P. Filion from Steven A. LaPine, Bonnie L. LaPine and Frances M. LaPine, Chazy, $65,000.

To Jonathan P. Lustenader from Milford L. Carson and Adel Y. Carson, Town of Plattsburgh, $95,000.

To Mark A. Calkins Sr. from Frederick J. Hoffman III and Andrea G. Hoffman, AuSable, $60,000.

To John F. Warren and Jaime L. Warren from Robert J. Breyette, Schuyler Falls, $120,000.

To Benjamin Greenman and Heather Greenman from Mary Mihal fka Mary E. Brewster, City of Plattsburgh, $118,500.

To Robert J. Breyette and Patricia L. Breyette from Peter A. Maske, Schuyler Falls, $201,000.

To Kimberly Manor from Scott P. Jennette and Barbara Jennette fka Barbara Bryar, Chazy, $12,000.

To Barbara A. Racine Hammond from Barbara R. Healey nka Barbara A. Racine-Hammond, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Christopher A. Rock and Regena G. Rock from Isreal S. DuBray and Mary I. DuBray, Dannemora, zero dollars.

To Karen E. Firda from Marvin Bechard, Beekmantown, $146,000.

To Phyllis M. Quantock from Gerald Menard, Town of Plattsburgh, $191,675.

To Joseph O. Peryea from Francis J. Peryea Jr., Altona, zero dollars.

To Christine S. Brown and Randy E. Brown from Christine S. Brown, Town of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Da Yong Rigsbee from Jane F. Rigsbee, Chazy, $60,000.

To Ronald L. Brunelle and Robin Rigsbee Brunelle from Da Yong Rigsbee, Chazy, $105,000.

To Louis H. Aguirre from James Carter Logging Inc., Champlain, $22,000.

To Sarah Titherington from Wayne F. Jones Jr. and Catherine A. Jones, Beekmantown, $200,000.

To Paul Adam from Jeanna L. Costin nka Jeanna L. King, aka Jeanna L. Costin King, and Margaret Walker, Peru, $45,000.

To Marsha J. Whitehill from Marsha J. Whitehill and Kyle J. Whitehill, Town of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To James M. LaFountain and Cheryl J. LaFountain from Ellen Jean Wolfgang as trustee under the Alton H. Wolfgang & Ellen Jean Wolfgang Trust, Town of Plattsburgh, $155,000.

To Sandra A. Moore, Terry R. LaValley, Sherry T. Labarge, Sheila M. Miller, Timothy J. LaValley and Scott A. LaValley from Doris R. LaValley, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Citimortgage Inc. from Robert P. Wylie and Bradley R. Bushey, Ellenburg, $56,647.46.

To Suzanne T. Lacoursiere and Jessy Cummings from Gerald A. Menard, Beekmantown, $20,900.

To Tina M. Consoli from Tina M. Consoli and Edward B. Matthews, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Benedetto Lavorando from Joseph Lavorando Sr., City of Plattsburgh, $50,000.

To John H. Dragoon from Granger Balloons USA Inc., Mooers, $30,000.

To Plattsgrow LLC from Roger B. Kennedy, Town of Plattsburgh, $325,000.

To Ronald W. Weaver Jr. and Sandra Weaver from Towne and Country Homes LLC, Town of Plattsburgh, $211,000.

To Ronald S. Foster and Avis M. Foster from Kris J. Cote and Elizabeth J. Cote, Chazy, $236,000.

To David E. Allen and Sarah M. Barrett from Kelly Redfearn and Joanna C. Redfearn, City of Plattsburgh, $125,000.

To Clifford A. Goff from Clifford A. Goff and Joy A. Goff, Saranac, zero dollars.

To Lily Situ from John L. Bayne, City of Plattsburgh, $107,500.

To Atkins Farm Estates LLC from W. Harney Davey, Peru, $60,000.

To Jeffrey J. Burgess and Margaret A. Burgess from Steven J. Burgess, Jeffrey J. Burgess, Andrew J. Burgess, Michael J. Burgess and Edward J. Burgess, Schuyler Falls, zero dollars.

To Rebecca J. Buchanan from Rebecca J. Buchanan and John T. Buchanan, Peru, zero dollars.

To David W. Wagner and Teresa J. Wagner from David W. Wagner, Alesia Kaye fka Alesia Wagner, Schuyler Falls, zero dollars.

To Stephen R. Loughan and Norma S. Loughan from Craig Bashaw, Town of Plattsburgh, $87,500.

To Thorin Reinhart and Sherry Reinhart from Francis Menard and Priscilla Menard, Mooers, $40,000.

To Kevin M. Passno and Carol A. Passno from NYCO Minerals Inc., Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Casey L. Deyo and Jason D. Ford from Judith M. Purcell, City of Plattsburgh, $118,500.

To Roger F. Barthmaier and Elizabeth Barthmaier from Roger F. Barthmaier, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Lisa Lapierre Miller from Horst Schroeder and Judith Schroeder, Ellenburg, $4,500.

To Judith A. Mousseau and Raymond E. Mousseau from Susan B. Chenevert and Randy LaBombard, Champlain, zero dollars.

To Leo E. Trombley and Jacqueline H. Trombley from Kevin Seymour and Carie A. Seymour fka Carie A. Trombley, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Allan J. Bilow and Gail M. LeClair from James Bilow and Barbara Bilow, Ellenburg, zero dollars.

To Norman S. Berlinski from Main Mill Street Investments LLC, City of Plattsburgh, $332,000.

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