Police issue 22 tickets in Essex County during Operation Hardhat

PROVIDED PHOTO An undercover trooper dressed as a Department of Transportation worker on the lookout for work zone traffic violations during Operation Hardhat. 

PLATTSBURGH — New York State Police issued 22 tickets in Essex County for Operation Hardhat — a collaborative initiative between police and the Department of Transportation that targets reckless and distracted drivers in work zones.

Troopers set up in a work zone along I-87 in Chesterfield dressed as Department of Transportation workers June 20, a news release by State Police said.

Troopers were on the lookout for vehicle and traffic violations like speeding, cellphone use while driving, seatbelt violations and failing to follow the Move Over Law, the release said.

During the initiative, seven tickets were issued for speeding, six for violations related to cell phone use, two for seatbelt violations and seven for other violations, the release said.

“Motorists are urged to drive responsibly in work zones. Oftentimes the speed limit is reduced in work zones, please follow the posted signage,” the release said.

“Move over a lane, when it is safe to do so, or whenever encountering workers along the side of the road, or when a vehicle is displaying red, white, blue, amber or green lights,” it continued.

The release also said speeding fines are doubled in work zones, with two or more speeding violations in a work zone possibly resulting in a driver’s license suspension.

The initiation is planned to continue throughout the construction season, the release said.


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