Plattsburgh International Airport Open

PLATTSBURGH — A portion of Route 22 near Plattsburgh International Airport will be closed for the rest of this week, but the airport remains open and accessible.

Crews from Canadian-Pacific Railway are working on a railroad crossing on Route 22 near Arizona Avenue in the City of Plattsburgh, causing the need to shut down the road.

Travelers to the airport from the city cannot proceed to the airport on Route 22, also known as Crete Boulevard in the city, and will be sent on a detour to Exit 36 of Interstate 87.

Travelers heading north on Route 22 from south of the airport can still access the airport on Route 22, but they will not be permitted beyond the airport entrance.

Those exiting the airport must turn left to head south on Route 22.

Traffic coming off Exit 36 can get to the airport on Route 22.

The road is expected to be closed through Friday.


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