PLATTSBURGH — The Chicago Transit Board recently OK'd the purchase of up to 600 new, 40-foot clean-diesel Nova Bus buses.

The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) already has the bus manufacturer's vehicles in its fleet, dating back to a 2012 contract that pumped the buses out to the Midwest public transportation system until 2018. 

"This decision allows for the purchase of at least 100 buses and options to purchase an additional 500 clean-diesel buses which will enable CTA to maintain safe and reliable service while gradually retiring the oldest buses in its fleet," a Friday Nova Bus release says, referring to the latest deal.

"The CTA expects first prototypes in the coming months with deliveries beginning in early 2022." 


The CTA is the second largest public transportation system in the United States, covering the City of Chicago and 35 of its surrounding suburbs. 

Its bus system consists of 140 routes that make more than 25,000 trips daily and serve nearly 12,000 bus stops throughout the Chicago region. Its routes serve communities locally, move people across town and provide several express services.

Officials say the new contract will help the CTA in its ongoing effort to modernize its fleet to benefit customers and reduce maintenance costs.


The new 40-foot LFS buses would be similar to those added to the CTA fleet in 2018, but offer a host of features to improve customer experience and safety, including improvements to the front door wheelchair ramps, using a larger surface area and reduced slope for easier use, the release says.

Nova Bus Vice President and General Manager Martin Larose said the company was proud to continue to provide transportation to its long-time partner, the City of Chicago.

"As public transit agencies demonstrate their incredible efforts to help continue to provide a critical lifeline to essential workers and to help communities begin to rebuild the economy, we are committed to delivering solutions that make sense for their daily operations and to once again have CTA's confidence to accompany them in this journey," Larose says in the release. 

Martine Hébert, Québec's Midwest delegate, said the contract was "another acknowledgement of Québec’s expertise and excellence in reliable transportation."

"Québec is a world-class leader in sustainable transportation solutions, and we will continue to actively support companies like Nova Bus in their endeavors in the Midwest,” Hébert says.


North Country Chamber of Commerce President Garry Douglas called the latest contract a "true testament to Nova Bus’ Plattsburgh operation, its suppliers and its skilled employees and something we can all be proud of."

"This decision from a clearly satisfied customer is another major advance for Nova Bus and our region’s transportation equipment cluster,” he says in the release.

"An order for up to 600 buses would be extraordinary from any city, but it sends an especially powerful message across North America when a major past customer such as Chicago chooses Nova Bus again," he continues.

"Congratulations and onward and upward."

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