The North Country Center for Independence is moving to a new location.

Its new office at 80 Sharron Avenue is just a few hundred feet down the street from its current address.

The move was prompted by water damage caused by excessive groundwater from this past spring's flooding.

"Under the circumstances, we were very fortunate to find an available space so close to our current one," said Andrew Pulrang, executive director. "It is actually a little smaller than our current office, but I don't think we'll notice it."

The new office space will be next door to the VA Clinic, which Pulrang said will be a benefit as the Center for Independence initiates a new program to expand its services for veterans.

"There is plenty of parking, and when the full renovations are done, there will be a nice, wide reception area, offices for individual staff, a big conference room and two wheelchair-accessible bathrooms," he added. "Moving is not a picnic, but we're really excited about it."

The new facility will be open to the public starting Tuesday, July 5. In the meantime, the center will operate mostly as usual.

For information, call 563-9058 and TTY or email Pulrang at

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