PLATTSBURGH — State Assemblyman Billy Jones (D-Chateaugay) says a new law will help victims of sexual offenses, stalking and human trafficking.

“New Yorkers who have been sexually abused or forced into human trafficking have endured trauma many of us can’t even imagine,” Jones said in a release.

“As a former corrections officer, I’m committed to keeping our community safe and helping these victims break free of unimaginable situations. This new law will help ensure that abusers can’t contact victims, helping victims feel as safe as possible and move forward with their lives.”

The new law allows victims of sexual offenses, stalking and human trafficking to participate in the Department of State’s Address Confidentiality Program.

The ACP is a cost-free program that currently allows victims of domestic violence to shield their address from their abusers by assigning the victim a substitute address, which is a Post Office box in Albany, they can use to receive mail.

The mail is then forwarded to the participant’s actual address.

The legislation signed into law will expand participation in the ACP to other victims in need of confidentiality to protect their safety, Jones noted.