Dylan Raskin opens the door on the Koffee Kat on Wheels, a mobile version of the Plattsburgh coffee shop. Koffee Kat on Wheels offers nearly all the items available at the Koffee Kat in downtown Plattsburgh, including coffee, mocha, latte, smoothie and espresso drinks.

Joe on the go.

The Koffee Kat on Wheels is a mobile version of the Plattsburgh coffee shop, a partnership between Koffee Kat owner Patty Waldron and Jay resident Dylan Raskin.

The shop, a renovated miniature school bus, made its debut during the Fourth of July parade in the City of Plattsburgh, then set up shop adjacent to Trinity Park.

Waldron said the Koffee Kat on Wheels offers nearly all of the items available at the Koffee Kat in downtown Plattsburgh, including coffee, mocha drinks, latte, smoothies and espresso drinks.

"There are not many coffee trucks that can offer espresso because of the wattage and amount of water used," Waldron said.

She plans to offer some foods but hadn't decided which ones yet.


Waldron plans to have the rolling coffee shop out and about during Mayor's Cup events this weekend. It will make appearances at a number of festivals and events throughout the summer, she said.

She purchased the used bus for $400. She said it's somewhat ironic that it's the bus that was used to tow Craig Reyell's race car to events at Airborne Speedway.

"The Koffee Kat sponsored that car," Waldron said.

Renovations were done by Jeff Evans of Bob's Instant Plumbing, Dave Rock and Don Joy of Rock Construction and Patrick Kay of The Sign Maker. They were able to find space for three water tanks, lockable cabinets, refrigerator, sink, full-size espresso machine, blenders, coffee grinders and more.

Rock said they gutted the interior, then installed the wall that separates the cab from the rest of the bus. There is a full 240-amp pump-and-plumbing system.

"It's just like a miniature kitchen," he said.


Waldron and Raskin affixed numerous yellow stars on the exterior of the vehicle. It also features the slogan "Death before Decaf" and the advertisement "For Your Espresso event, call 566-8433."

"It was kind of a grass-roots effort," Waldron said.

She said the cramped quarters remind her of the original Koffee Kat location.

The Clinton County Health Department has issued a license, so they can sell their wares throughout the county.

Waldron said she already has events lined up through July, and people are offering ideas for some they can attend in the future.

Waldron plans to devise a scheduled route to start after summer ends, with stops at various businesses and factories during the work week. She said people should consider the Koffee Kat on Wheels the latest expansion of her business.

"When Patty asked me to be part of it, I was very flattered," Raskin said. "I've known her several years, (and) I jumped at the chance. She's a smart cookie."

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