PLATTSBURGH — The City of Plattsburgh will host a press conference today to reveal its 2020 Mayor's Budget.

Per a city press release, that budget projects an appropriate budget surplus, while increasing road maintenance and maintaining public infrastructure. 

"When combined with other recent surpluses, the city is continuing to reverse the steady decline in our fund balance that resulted from years of deficit spending," the release says. 

"It also lowers the property tax rate for our residents."

The tax rate per $1,000 of property value, the release continues, has fallen below that of the released 2017 Mayor's Budget. 


Budget highlights include:

• General Fund Revenue of $23,989,496.

• General Fund Expenses of $23,523,893.

• General Fund Balance of $1,360,054.

• Proposed Road Construction on sections of Cogan Avenue, Pine Street, Ridgewood Drive, Stratton Plaza, University Plaza and other city locations.


The 2020 Mayor's Budget is a culmination of efforts between Mayor Colin Read, various department heads, the City Chamberlain and the council's Finance and Budget Committee. 

Read said he planned to release the budget projection with the hope that it'd be used during Common Council deliberations and as a strategic tool for efficiency gains. 

“While we certainly have a lot of work to do to ensure that the city is on firmer financial ground, these steps from 2017 to this 2020 budget demonstrate that our city can actually moderate spending, create growth, repair a depleted fund balance, take care of our core mission and lower taxes at the same time.”

The press conference will be held today at noon at  City Hall. 

A public hearing on the matter is anticipated for Friday, Aug. 30 at 11 a.m. also at City Hall.


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