Four of the racing class boats head for Plattsburgh City Beach with main sails out and spinnakers straining. The stiff south wind tested the crews of all crafts entered in the annual Mayor's Cup Race.

25 years ago — 1986

▶ Chazy Central School students achieved an overall average of 98.6 percent on Regents examinations this year.

▶ At the urging of Lyon Mountain residents, Dannemora councilmen resolved to exclude Lyon Mountain's water system from any future sale of the old Lyon Mountain mines. Concerned residents were assured that the mines would not be sold without approval from locals.

▶ New York State Senator Ronald B. Stafford (R-C. Plattsburgh) has proposed the formation of a new Medical Evacuation Unit (commonly known as MEDEVAC to be headquartered in the Ray Brook area.

50 years ago — 1961

▶ With the apparent great demand for expanded adult education classes, the administration of the Ausable schools have begun formulating plans for the fall term. Some classes they are considering: flower gardening, photography, business law, woodshop and welding.

▶ High Falls Gorge at Wilmington Notch is now open to the public. The opening of New York State's newest scenic attraction was delayed due to inclement weather which slowed construction operations.

▶ Charges and countercharges over federal farm subsidies continued to be grist for the political mill, as Upstate farmer William T. Smith and Sen. Kenneth B. Keating took issue with Secretary of Agriculture Orville L. Freeman. Smith said, "Three good rains in the Middle West could affect corn-production more than the entire program" of Secretary Freeman.

75 years ago — 1936

▶ Much interest is evidenced in the annual pet show which will be held at the fair grounds by the Clinton County Humane Society. A number of entries have already been registered and more are being entered daily.

▶ Congressman Bertrand H. Snell of the 31st Congressional District and Republican leader in the House of Representatives visited Plattsburgh. Congressman Snell who motored here from his home in Potsdam spent the day calling on friends.

E A group of taxi cab drivers appear before the Common Council relative to an ordinance prohibiting taxi cabs to park on city streets after Aug. 1. Judge Croake gave several arguments why the Common Council should reconsider its drastic decision.

100 years ago—1911

▶ All of the first and second floors of the Champlain Valley Hospital are now completely finished and furnished for the care of patients.

E Mark Harrington of St. Albans, Vt., a New York Central fireman running between Malone Junction and Norwood, was seriously injured in the Norwood yards. He was dealt a heavy blow by an iron bar which caused him to go temporarily insane, grabbing Engineer Seward by the throat. Seward fought off the crazed fireman.

▶ William Church Osbora and George F. Van Kennen, special commissioners appointed by Governor Dix to examine the New York State prison department, have rendered to the governor a supplementary report in which they make the direct charge that Sheriff James H. Van Buren has defrauded the state of money for transportation of prisoners to Clinton prison. An investigation showed that Van Buren did, in fact, obtain money from the state fraudulently.

E A gloom was cast over the entire city when the announcement was made that W. Alvin Wood has met his death in the waters of Lake Champlain. Mr. Wood was one of the most popular young businesses men of the city and the surrounding territory.

— Compiled by Contributing Writer

Jessica Bakeman

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