Though she's just 10 years old, Isabel Yu has already decided being single can be tough.

Not just on Valentine's Day, but every day.

"I don't want to be single because then I'll be all lonely," said Isabel, a student at Momot Elementary School. "I don't like being lonely."

In fact, many students at Momot who shared relationship advice with the Press-Republican agree that it's better to be married than remain single, whether it be for companionship or simply for extra help around the house.

"I think it's better to be married because someone can help you with your chores," said Lily Clermont, 7.

But even if it is better not to go it alone, the fact remains that dating, love and marriage can be tricky.

For instance, how do you pick the right person with whom to exchange vows?

Grace Redmond, 9, suggests a trial-and-error approach to choosing a mate. "You see if you have things alike in common, and if you have a lot of things alike in common, then you should go on a date, and if you go on a date and you really like each other, then you decide to get married," she said.

But for those who don't have the time or patience to get to know someone, Skylar Malave, 8, has a quick way to spot a soulmate — just look for someone, he said, who is "pretty and rich."


Of course, many people would prefer that their love interest not already be involved with someone else.

So how do you know if someone is taken?

"The woman has a bigger belly," said Oliver Cribb, 6.

"That's how you know that there's a baby in it. That's how you know (who's married)."

Once you've found that special someone, you'll want to hold on to him or her, which may mean coming up with the perfect venue for a date, especially on Valentine's Day.

Grace recommends taking a date to "the ice-cream parlor because ice cream would be a good treat."

But if you're not in the mood for food, 6-year-old Gabriel Breyette suggests going to Walmart, "or go to the dog store to get her a dog."

Still, even well-intended dates can go wrong.

If you're on a date that starts to turn sour, Gabriel said, "walk out."

Oliver, on the other hand, would not give up so easily. He thinks a change of location could make all the difference.

"If she doesn't like the place, I'll go to a different place," he said. "If she doesn't like that place, I'll go to a different place. I'll keep trying different places."


Of course, it never hurts to turn to a family member for help on a bad date.

"I would call my mom if she wasn't with me, and I would start, like, screaming," said 9-year-old Ella Rascoe.

If a date is going well, however, you may consider taking the relationship to the next level.

But remember, Ella said, it's OK to kiss someone "in your house and not in public."

Also, try not to wait too long to find that special someone.

"The younger you get married," Grace said, "the longer you get to live together."

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