Michelle Maron, Brian Trzaskos, and Courtney Hughes determine how to display their sign.

Though simplistic in its name, Live Well at 2310 Main St. in Essex offers a multi-faceted approach toward well being.

Live Well's mission is "to provide our clients with the highest quality of health services to support their pursuit of wellness," the owners assert.

The center is a collaboration of the expertise of Courtney Hughes (MS, OT, LMT) of Simplicity Healing Arts, Michelle Maron (CKYT) of Lake Champlain Yoga Arts and Brian Trzaskos (PT, LMT, CSCS, MI-C) of Ascent Wellness.

While each may be considered a separate entity, they collaborate as well to create workshops that provide a holistic approach.

"The three of us came together to promote wellness in the community by offering physical therapy, massage, meditation and yoga workshops," Maron said.

"A neat thing is that this is a dream that came from each of us," Hughes added.

Trzaskos said each of them had independent visions that they weren't able to bring to fruition as individuals.

"So we had a meeting over tea and muffins to try to decide where we would be going with this," he said. "We're committed to the health of the community year-round, and we love it."

Maron added that the goal is to go deeper into things as people want to know more about yoga and meditation.

"When the individual is healthy, the community is healthy," she said.

Among the classes and activities offered are Community Meditation, Community Movement, Community Chair Massage, Yoga and Total Body Conditioning. All levels of experience are welcome.

There are also special events such as the upcoming Renewal Weekend retreat, in which all three participate, and a one-session Yoga Alignment And You workshop scheduled for December.

For more information, go to livewellessex, or call 963-4300.

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