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IMAGE PROVIDED An artist's rendering shows Lewis Heights, an 88-unit apartment complex that developer James Latinville intends to build at the intersection of New York Road and U.S. Avenue in the City of Plattsburgh. This week, he received final approval from the city for the project.

Plans for Lewis Heights, an 88-unit apartment complex in the City of Plattsburgh, have been approved.

Local developer James Latinville plans to build the one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments on 5 acres of the 17-acre property at the intersection of New York Road and U.S. Avenue. 

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“I’m very pleased with the final approval and eager to begin the project. It’s been almost a year in progress,” he said.


The apartments would be built in four phases, with a timetable based on demand.

Latinville said he wants to finalize construction plans this winter so work could start around March. The first phase could be complete by early next fall, barring any unforeseen issues, he said. 

The City Planning Board approved the plans in the project’s fifth appearance before the board, although the first was only an informational session.

It was tabled last month as the Planning Board and Engineering Department sought more information.


Aaron Ovios of Robert M. Sutherland PC, the engineering firm for the project, again provided details. That included more information about the stormwater management system.

“Our office has been working with Kevin’s (City Engineer Kevin Farrington) dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s on the stormwater system,” Ovios said.

Plans call for pervious pavement, which allows stormwater to seep into the ground under the pavement rather than run off to drains or detention areas. There would also be underground stormwater-retention areas rather than ground-level detention ponds.

In addition to a better appearance, it makes more of the property available for use, Latinville said.

Farrington said he believes the project won’t have a significant impact on the city’s stormwater system.


The three-story buildings would include two walkways that allow them to be considered two structures. The buildings would be placed in a rectangular formation, which would create a large interior courtyard.

Plans call for about half of that to be created in the first phase.

Latinville said it will include areas for barbecue grills. There are plans to host social activities in that space, and it will have a gazebo for use by tenants.


One of the first moves would be to trim the brush and do maintenance on the fence to match that along the Lake Country Village properties to the west, Latinville said.

Plans call for multiple roof lines with asphalt shingles and dormers. The exterior would feature faux stone up to the first-floor windowsills, with earth-tone siding above that.

Each unit will have a porch or patio. Those would be built of pressure-treated lumber wrapped in a composite material to minimize weatherization.

The property would have 53 garages, available on a first-come, first-served basis. Some of the garages would be along the perimeter to provide an additional buffer for neighboring properties.


The plan was changed from the last meeting to include 16-foot-tall light poles in the parking area, reduced from 20 feet in the previous plan.

Approval conditions include a covenant to prevent the pervious pavement from being paved over in the future.

Latinville said the property will provide a nice transition from commercial properties to residential.

“The delayed process slowed things down, but we’re now eager to begin.” 

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