PLATTSBURGH — Changes to the Crete Memorial Civic Center's fee schedule are up for council consideration tonight.

If approved, the center would up its fees for its soccer and football leagues, field rentals, event rentals and a range of other Crete Center uses. 

Per a recent presentation by City Councilor Mike Kelly (D-Ward 2), upped City of Plattsburgh Rec Complex fees were expected to cover some costs for those city-run facilities. 

Increased fees at the four facilities were expected to bring an estimated $347,000 in new 2020 revenue.

"This will reduce the General Fund's contribution to the Rec Complex by about half," Kelly said. "This will shift half the cost of the Rec Complex from taxpayers to users of these facilities."


In recent months, the city's Rec Complex was reported to have major financial deficits.

Comprised of the Crete Memorial Civic Center, Plattsburgh City Beach, Plattsburgh City Marina and the City Recreation Center, none of the facilities had been producing revenue for the city. 

It was the Crete Center, though, that had shown the most dramatic shortfall with a deficit of about 97 percent. 

The center's 2019 revenues had been estimated at $144,000 and its operational costs had been estimated at $319,000. 


The rate changes up for council consideration include increasing the cost for full-field soccer team registrations, in both the competitive and recreational divisions.

The competitive teams would be charged $975 per team for the full season, instead of the current $675, and recreational teams would be charged $875 per team for the full season, in place of the current $625.

Half-field soccer teams would pay more for the season, too, with that price jumping up from $475 per team to $700 per team. 

Adult football teams would be charged $700 for their season, as well. 

As for individual sign ups, those prices would still vary from city to non-city residents, with city residents paying $75 for the season and non-city residents paying $90. 


Proposed changes to the Crete Center's event fees would change costs associated with the put-down and take-up of the center's event floor. 

Now charging $875 for that maintenance work, future users would pay $1,000, plus a $500 surcharge on event day for floor use. 

Other fee updates would change pricing for city property there, including the price per city table and city chair. 

Those costs are currently at $0.50 each, but would be upped to $2. 

The full list of changes can be found on the Common Council agenda at

The City Common Council is expected to vote on the resolution at its regular session today at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall. 


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