Three Essex County police agencies are getting interview cameras courtesy of District Attorney Kristy Sprague.

Sprague said her office just got a $14,800 grant to buy video-recording equipment for the Essex County Sheriff's Department, Ticonderoga Town Police and Moriah Town Police.

"Those are three local law-enforcement agencies within our county who don't currently have any type of video-recording systems in their stations," Sprague said in a news release.

"Given the current state of technology within the prosecution of crimes, we needed to get these agencies the necessary equipment to become even more effective in the apprehension and prosecution of offenders."


The grant was applied for through the State Department of Criminal Justice Services.

It will be used to purchase and install video-recording systems in designated interview rooms at each police station so officers can record interviews during criminal investigations. The recordings may then be utilized in court during the prosecution of a case.

"The grant process in this case was very competitive, with a limited amount of funding that could be allotted to potential grant candidates," Sprague said.

"This funding allows our county to prepare for any possible future mandates for video-recorded interviews without any cost to our local municipalities and taxpayers.

"We were aggressive in our efforts and competed against counties across the state."


Sprague praised the efforts of County Community Resources Director Michael Mascarenas, Essex County Sheriff Richard Cutting, Ticonderoga Chief Mark Johns and Moriah Officer-in-Charge Steve Stahl for their work on the grant.

Stahl said they were glad to participate in the grant process.

"It will be something new and useful for us. We don't record anything now. Any tools like that we can use in our investigations helps us."

Sprague said everyone contributed something to the application.

"This is teamwork at its best, when we have cooperation among different agencies within the county to achieve a goal that will benefit everyone."

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