DANNEMORA — Travelers here have begun shifting their routes home through Cook Road to cash in on a price war between the town’s two gas stations.

The price for regular unleaded gas was $2.42 per gallon Wednesday at Stewart’s Dannemora location, with the chain vowing to keep its gas price 2 cents less than the Maplefield’s station down the road.

“We’re trying to make a point that we’re going to have a 2-cent advantage,” said store Manager Shelby Spear.

Gas prices in the Plattsburgh area, by comparison, were close to $2.70 on Wednesday.


Stewart’s tries to reduce its gas prices by 2 cents from the average prices in any given area, Spear said.

Ever since Chase sold its Dannemora location to Maplefield’s, this has meant much more competitive prices for consumers.

When Chase owned the store, Stewart’s was able to drop 2 cents below its competitor’s price without problem.

The new owners, Spear said, keep lowering their prices below this mark, prompting Stewart’s to drop its prices even lower.

If Maplefield’s drops a cent, Spear said, it means Stewart’s drops an extra cent to keep the gap intact.

Otto Hansen, regional manager for Maplefield’s, said that Dannemora is a competitive location but refused to comment further on gas prices.

Repeated calls to Maplefield’s owner, Tim Valley, were not returned.


Some local drivers used to drive the extra miles to the Ganienkeh reservation in Altona or to Cadyville Gulf, which normally have very competitive gas prices. But Dannemora resident Alisha Reed is enjoying the fact she no longer has to go out of her way looking for the lowest gas prices.

“It’s good to see that it’s so low,” she said.

Others shared that sentiment.

“I used to never buy it here,” said Nicole Gilbert of Dannemora.

She said that while gas prices were high, she got used to buying $5 worth of gas at a time; now she can fill her car up for $20.

Spear has noticed an increase in drivers coming from out of town to gas up their cars in Dannemora.

One of those people is Plattsburgh resident Kathy Chase.

“I always look for where it’s cheaper,” she said.

In this economy, a reprieve from high gas prices is “very needed,” Chase said.


Spear said they have no plans to change their policies anytime soon and that Dannemora is the perfect place to show customers they are serious.

The reason is that it “doesn’t affect the entire market.”

As Dannemora has only two gas stations, the low prices do not have the same impact they would have in Plattsburgh.

As long as the gas war continues, residents of the North Country can enjoy the benefits.

“I love this price war,” Dannemora resident Matt Golden said. “It’s awesome.”

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