MALONE — Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County from July 28 through Aug. 29, 2014.The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Franklin County Clerk’s Office:

To Jay Burden and Kerry Burden from Peter Erich Day, Harrietstown, $250,000.

To Gerald R. Cheney from Elizabeth Cheney Janssen formerly known as Elizabeth Ann Cheney Harris, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To John Dowd, Gielese Gagnier and James Dowd from Northern Energy Group Inc., Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Tammy Boucher, Darcy Westover and James Boucher from Tammy Boucher as executrix of the estate of Steven J. Boucher, Tupper Lake, $1.

To Raquette River Brewing LLC from Tammy Boucher, James Boucher and Darcy Westover, Tuppe Lake, $25,000.

To Gerald Loken from Loon Gulf Inc., Malone, $6,000.

To Arthur J. Perrea from Don H. Carbino, Dickinson, $60,808.44.

To William George Patterson and Sandra Lee Patterson from James W. Johnston Jr. and Kathy J. Johnston, Burke, $40,000.

To Heather Francis Ray from Webster B. Premo and Donalda M. Premo formerly known as Donalda M. Cole, Duane, $94,000.

To Jarrad E. Lang from Daniel Wilson, Harrietstown, $77,000.

To Raquette River Brewing LLC from Ernest J. Jessie and Rita H. Jessie, Tuppe Lake, $30,000.

To Robert J. Leroux from Neil W. Pickering, Tupper Lake, $62,000.

To Marc Counter and Carolee Counter from Edward H. Rogers, Tupper Lake, $65,000.

To Darci L. Hart from John A. Smith and Paula A. Smith, Tupper Lake, $62,500.

To Phyllis M. Shea from James E. Lapan, Harrietstown, $629,530.

To Kyle Sinclair and Misty M. Sinclair from William Salvesen, Harrietstown, $215,000.

To James A. Bashaw from Benjamin F. Bashaw III, Malone, $23,000.

To Erika E. Potter from Carol A. Bridges, Malone, $94,000.

To Neil Fleury from Bert Fleury, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Rennie E. Smith and Sherry A. Smith from Brenda Cromp, Dickinson, $1.

To Lori A. Finnegan from Gail M. Fefee individually and as surviving tenant by the entirety with Anthony F. Fefee, Moira, $1.

To Kurt L. Mullick and Anna M. Mullick from Roger H. Bollenbach, Harrietstown, $20,500.

To Ryan D. Labare and Craig S. Labare from Robert J. Labare, Chateaugay, $250,000.

To III Pine Point LLC from Frank J. Szczech and William P. Szczech, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To Ashley L. Trombley from Daniel A. McGivney and Linda L. McGivney, Malone, $50,000.

To Jennifer L. McAleese and Jason M. Hubbard from Michael J. Storey and Joan E. Storey, Harrietstown, $249,000.

To Alain Choiniere from Franklin County, Bangor, $3,378.52.

To Alain Choiniere from Franklin County, Bangor, $1,527.68.

To Edwin H. Zimmerman and Barbara S. Zimmerman from Alain R. Choiniere, Lori J. Choiniere and Andre C. Choiniere, Bangor, $350,000.

To Michael S. Marshall and Maryann Marshall from Richard H. Larry, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Mark Emerson Graham from Keith G. Silliman and Paula Silliman, Franklin, $27,500.

To Michael Murdo and Anne Murdo from Richard C. Bell and Mary C. Bell, Brandon, $26, 000.

To Peter Koppenheffer and Amanda Koppenheffer, Harrietstown, $251,000.

To Marvin J. Raville from Richard Raville, Malone, $85,000.

To Verlie M. Labounty and Charles G. Labounty from Verlie Labounty, Waverly, zero dollars (2).

To Emily Lauzon from Beatrice Stead, Fort Covington, $22,000.

To Erik Neddo and Stassa A. Neddo formerly known as Stassa A. Lamay, Burke, $25,000.

To Brennan Farmer from Gary Nostrom as executor of the estate of Bruce L. McCoy, Malone, $130,000.

To Steven L. Cole and Kimberly A. Cole from David Beggs and Hali Gruber, Santa Clara, $42,000.

To Jeffrey R. Denkenberger and Erika E. Denkenberger from Roger A. Fink and Melinda J. Fink, Harrietstown, $263,000.

To Ronald Shaw and Iris Shaw from Monticello Associates Inc., Moira, $6,200.

To Robert C. Glennon and Michalene A. Glennon from James E. Lapan, Nancy M. Keohane and Phyllis M. Shea, Harrietstown, $120,000.

To Malone's Next Gen from Franklin Hydro Inc., Malone, $11,000.

To Peter Dumas from 47 55 Main Street Realty, Malone, $100,000.

To George S. Cook and Marijke B. Ormel from Tina A. Scammell, Harrietstown, $5,000.

To Claudio Andres Vega and Leslie Kristen Vega from Gregory C. Zeh, Harrietstown, $126,000.

To Karen Padilla, William L. Brown and Robert J. Brown Jr. from Karen Padilla formerly known as Karen Trippany, Robert J. Brown Jr., William L. Brown and Robert J. Brown, Malone, zero dollars.

To Tupper Lake Motel LLC from Jozef Vala and Elvira Vala, Tupper Lake, $185,000.

To Andrew R. Jillson and Edward W. Jillson from Andrew R. Jillson and Edward W. Jillson as co-executors of the last will and testament of Leon R. Jillson, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Malone FDS 709600 LLC from Border Distributing Inc., Malone, $175,000.

To Chad E. Rivers and Jessica L. Rivers from Cynthia M. Follett formerly known as Cynthia May LaBounty, Waverly, $17,500.

To James M. Allen and Verna L. Allen from James M. Allen, Malone, zero dollars.

To William R. Byler and Emma J. Byler from Louise Neill Pauly also known as Louise Neill, Bombay, $38,000.

To Brian T. Fitzgerald and Danielle K. Fitzgerald, Harrietstown, $139,900.

To New Hope Realty Investors LLC from Keith P. Walsh, Molly P. Walsh and Molly Pietz, Harrietstown, $67,500.

To Kelli I. Rocker and Matthew S. Zira from Brenda L. Marlow, Karen F. Vermette, Estel M. Terrance, Gail M. Breton, Leslie J. Plante, Lucien N. Plante and Vance J. Plante, Constable, $63,000.

To Jean Daniel Chayer and Ann Marie Larocque from Robert N. Clark and Kelly Clark, Dickinson, $43,900.

To Martin Phelan, Charles Phelan and Mary Jeanne Phelan from J. Brian Cornish and Joseph R. Phelan Jr. as co-ancillary executors of the last will and testament of Joseph Daniel Phelan, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Kevin Malmberg and Petra M. Malmberg from Kirsti T. Grevelding and Petra Malmberg, Harrietstown, $47,500.

To Scot A. Dukett and Cynthia A. Dukett from Theresa R. Riley, Tupper Lake, $40,000.

To Jason C. Brockway from Peter Paquin also known as Peter Pauquin, Fort Covington, $80,000.

To Frederick H. Golden from Arnold J. Connors individually and as surviving tenant with the entirety with Yvonne Connors, Chateaugay, $70,000.

To Claire Maroun from Rene Lamora, Tupper Lake, $77,763.

To James M. Sienkiewyca doing business as Flint Funeral Home from Craig G. Curran, Moira, $180,000.

To Forrest Dream LLC from Michael H. Venuti, Deborah A. Venuti, Timothy J. Venuti and Kerry Venuti-Hemms, Malone, $1.

To Rodger Crubaugh and Jean Crubaugh from Christopher Savage and Melissa Savage, Tupper Lake, $83,000.

To SL Possibilities LLC from E. Shamim Allen, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Ruth McGuinness from John Marinelli, Chateaugay, $80,000.

To Michelle Durant from Robert A. Wilson, Brandon, $12,500.

To Aimee Johnson from Austin James Bassette, Tupper Lake, $7,000.

To Johal Bhagwantvir from Chateau River Place Inc., Chateaugay, $12,000.

To Glenn J. Brohal and Virginia J. Brohal from Chateau River Place, Inc., $47,500.

To Pine Crest Peak LLC from James M. Coughlin and Elizabeth H. Coughlin, Malone, $295,000.

To Aaron Durant from George L. Niles, Duane, $6,000.

To Seamus M.Mills and Sara K. Mills from Michael Mills and Mary Jane Mills, Constable, $1.

To Daniel Black from Christian Wells, Bombay, $4,000.

To Robin L. and Patricia R. Cook Medicaid Planning Trust from Robin L. Cook and Patricia R. Cook, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Jeff Russell from Joan M. Wright, Bangor, $15,000.

To Allison M. Menke from John Gardella, Bellmont, $95,000.

To Benjamin K. Fletcher and Shelbi L. St. Mary from Joel E. Norman and Wendy R. Norman, Moira, $85,000.

To Derrick Klein from Monique M. Smith, Malone, $76,000.

To John M. Weimer and Maryellen Weimer from John Anthony Mercurio and Cheryl Mercurio, Tupper Lake, $345,000.

To William L. Gibson from Petty Gibson, Dickinson, $1.

To James N. Mustacchia and Ann L. Johnston Mustacchia from Margaret Anne Marinaccio, Harrietstown, $581,550.

To Richard J. Arens and Susanne M. Arens, trustees of the RJA Living Trust from Richard J. Arens and Susanne M. Arens, Waverly, $1.

To Joshua Frank from Joshua Frank and Laura Frank, Duane, $111,350.

To John G. Larkin and Nancy Shea Larkin from Phyllis M. Shea, Harrietstown, $629,530.

To Russell E. Stickney and Mary E. Stickney from Francis K. Stickney, Waverly, $1.

To Lawrence B. Rivers and Jeane M. Rivers from Paul E. Pelletier and Kelly Heald, Waverly, $2,500.

To Lester L. Seymour, Carolyn M. Terry , Pamela J. Cook and Lisa M. Dupell from Leonard L. Seymour and Mary T. Seymour, Franklin, zero dollars.

To Bonnie S. Boyd from Paul E. Pelletier and Kelly Heald, Waverly, $17,000.

To Petra Meier and James Black from Michael M. Maloney, Westville, $85,000.

To Lawrence Rovito from Lawrence Rovito and Christine Rovito, Burke, $1.

To Erik D. Brockway from Herbert F. Walker and Donna M. Walker, Waverly, zero dollars.

To Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. from Derrick W. Lucey and Keri L. Lucey, Moira, $110,500.

To John W Rowley and Hope A. Reilly from Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., Moira, $113,000.

To Jill Susice from David Susice individually and as surviving spouse of Nancy Susice, Waverly, $1.

To Adam M. Moore and Sarah L. Hamilton-Moore from Mary E. Moore as successor trustee of the Neal R. Scott Living Trust Agreement, Malone, $114,000.

To Andrew D. Beane and Anna M. Beane from Gregory Bushey, Malone, $130,000.

To Aurora White from Denise N. Degregorio, Harrietstown, $329,600.

To Donald James Properties 2 LLC from Evelyn Katherine Bottali, Thomas Michael Baker and Susan Baker Marti formerly known as Susan Ruth Baker, Tupper Lake, $105,000.

To Christopher Savage and Melissa Savage from Ellen M. Kavanagh and Vincent M. Kavanagh, Tupper Lake, $181,000.

To Jay M. St. Hilaire from Dwight McCune, Bombay, $50,000.

To Lee F. Foster from Shirley L. Chesbrough, Franklin, $200,000.

To Douglas J. Vensel from Jill R. Vensel, Malone, zero dollars.

To Thomas McLane and Denise McLane from Linda Marie Bouissey, Westville, $650.

To Andrew Scott Bale from Anne Catherine Williams-Bale, Brighton, zero dollars.

To Ariel Lynn Gardner from Philip R. Wagner Sr., Waverly, $50,000.

To Jay Z. Halprin and Steven Halprin from Mildred Halprin by Ellen Halpri Strauss her attorney-in-fact, Malone, zero dollars.

To Mark A. Paul and Mary M. Paul from Harold J. Briggs, Franklin, $125,000.

To Frank N. Moy, Petty L. Moy, Gideon W. Moy and Rebecca A. Moy from Frank N. Moy, Petty L. Moy, Lance E. Simons and Carolyn L. Simons, Malone, $1.

To Christopher R. Titus from Tracy L. McCann as executrix of the last will and testament of Lawrence R. Titus, Bellmont, $1.

To Chateau River Place Inc. from Rodney P. Whipple, as trustee for the Rodney P. Whipple Family Trust, Burke, $15,000.

To Anne T. Hughes 2012 Revocable Trust from Elizabeth Caldwell by Christopher M. Caldwell, her agent, Brighton, $132,000.

To Papas Realty LLC from John J. Beane and Tracie L. Beane, Bangor/Malone, $510,000.

To Patricia A. Badore and Linda F. Snickles from Patricia A. Badore, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To William Jasudowich and Sylvia Jasudowich from Donald L. Clark and Catherine M. Clark, Moira, $172,000.

To Susan A. Donahue from Susan A. Donahue as administratrix of the estate of Clyde E. Donahue, Westville, zero dollars.

To David L. Smith and Stacey A. Donahue from Susan A. Donahue, Westville, zero dollars.

To Everett Thompson from Everett Thompson and Stephanie Thompson, Brandon, zero dollars.

To The Mary Jane Young Trust from Mary Jane Young, individually and as the surviving spouse of Leo E. Young, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To Noah H. Reiff and Alma H. Reiff from M&T Bank, Bangor, $29,900.

To Sheila J. Anthony formerly known as Sheila J. Perryman from Donald G. Perryman and Sheila J. Perryman, Brighton, zero dollars.

To Jeffrey Bly and Kathleen Bly from Richard D. Martell and Carol R.Martell from Richard D. Martell and R. Carol Martell, Tupper Lake, $47,750.

To The Estate of Sharon Bassett from Frank Spampata, Bangor, zero dollars.

To George Harriman, trustee of the George Harriman Revocable Trust and Maureen Harriman, trustee of the Maureen Harriman Revocable Trust, from George Harriman and Maureen Harriman, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Mark Henderson and Tammy Henderson from John T. Manning, Esq., and Konwasennawi David, Franklin County Department of Social Services, John Doe and Mary Doe, Bombay, $65,647.16.

To Matthew Michael Osborn and Kristen Lee Osborn formerly known as Kristen L. O'Donnell, from Kristen Lee Osborn formerly known as Kristen L. O'Donnell, Malone, zero dollars.

To Keith Winters and Judith Winters from Cyril Winters and Brenda Winters, Bangor, $1.

To Kelly J. Black from Byrl H. Roberts also known as Bryl Henry Roberts, Duane, $6,500.

To Laurie A. Hachey from Donald B. Hachey, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Lashomb Realty LLC from Marc Timothy Lashomb, Malone, zero dollars.

To Jeffrey M. Shoup and Patricia D. Shoup from Patricia D. Shoup, Bellmont, $1.

To Wanda L. Corbett and Martin Hanley, Dickinson, $26,500.

To Thomas C. McCarthy and Barbara L. McCarthy from Thomas C. McCarthy and Barbara L. McCarthy as trustees of the Thomas and Barbara McCarthy Living Trust, Tupper Lake, $1.

To James Dattola and Rickey Dattola from Peter H. Kinzel and Doris Frach, Tupper Lake, $25,000.

To Constance M. Greguski and Roger A. Greguski from Timothy W. Wennrich, Tupper Lake, $350,000.

To Fiorile Realty LLC from Joseph Fiorile, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Betsy J. McGivney from Betsy J. McGivney as executor of the estate of Blanche A. McGivney, Malone, zero dollars.

To Evan M. McGibbon from John Shea and Sybil Shea, Malone, $44,000.

To James Lavalley and Laura H. Lavalley from CBNA Insurance Agency Inc. and James Lavalley and Laura H. Lavalley, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Angie Patricia Martin and Jared Anthony Facteau from Angie Patricia Martin, Chateaugay, $1.

To Kenneth A. Lawless and Joseph P. Lawless from Richard B. Meyer and Gail C. Meyer, Harrietstown, $340,000.

To Patricia A. Stuart from Douglas Stuart, Bellmont, zero dollars (2)

To Tarin LLC from Christine Ashley formerly known as Christine Casey, Bellmont/Burke, zero dollars.

To Robert Beach from Larry Dashnaw, Malone, $4,000.

To Natan C. Collette from Scott Wilkins, Chateaugay, $39,900.

To Monette Realty Holding Inc. from Thomas R. Adams, Esq., referee, and NBT Bank, plaintiff, against North Country Candy & Tobacco Inc., Marilyn Honahan, Daniel Honahan, Mountain Candy and Cigar Col, DBA Mountain/Service Distributors, Malone, $40,022.

To Three Palms Realty Corp. from Three Palms Realty Corp., Malone, zero dollars.

To Donald J. Lamere and Paula D. Lamere from Patricia A. Patenaude, individually and as sole heir at law and next of kin of Nelson P. Patenaude, Constable, $30,000.

To Michael F. Pokalsky from Richard Trudeau and Carolyn Trudeau, Harrietstown, $120,000.

To Nelson Stuart and Sonya Stuart from Ross K. Flint and Sharon M. Flint, Malone, $3,500.

To Daniel J. Meier Jr. and Rachel R. Meier from Daniel Meier and Daniel J. Meier Jr., Fort Covington/Westville, $500,000.

To Jerry Fobare and Paul Fobare from Jerry Fobare and Paul Fobare as co-executors of the last will and testament of Milton G. Fobare, Brighton, $1.

To Allyson L. Clark from Angela J. Bassett, Moira, zero dollars.

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