PLATTSBURGH — Two local funeral directors can now care for every family member – even the furry ones.

As an addition to their family-owned Brown Funeral Home at 29 Broad St. in the City of Plattsburgh, brother Ryan and Michael Bennett have opened up Adirondack Pet Cremation Service.

The idea was to offer community member’s another option when caring for their deceased loyal companions.

The brothers said the idea came when they each had to put their own pets down last year.

“We thought, with our background, we could transition well into this role,” Michael said. 

"We wanted to be able to help families further than just the human side of things — for all members of the family.”


After receiving the necessary state permits, the Bennett brothers opened up Adirondack Pet Cremation at 133 Sharon Ave. in the City of Plattsburgh.

The 1,800-square-foot space was once home to a bottle redemption center.

Now the facility has a conference room, data-input office and garage for the actual pet cremation, housing the crematory retort.

Also onsite is a room with a pet bed that, Michael said, is for any last moments.

"It's a little quiet, chapel area,” he said. “In case somebody didn't get the chance to spend time with their dog or cat and wanted to do so here.

“We thought it was more inviting than a stainless steel table at a clinic.”


The Bennett’s weren’t just inspired by their own experiences, but said the idea of a crematory was a common request among the community, too.

“Over several years, we’ve had a lot of families call Brown Funeral Home and ask if we were able to assist them with pets that they had lost,” Michael said.

“We always had to say that we weren’t able to.”

And while funeral homes can’t legally open up human crematories in New York State, pet crematories are an exception.

While cats and dogs are the typical request, Ryan said the door is open for all pets.

The retort can cremate animals of up to 300 pounds, Ryan said.

“We went with the bigger size, because we didn’t want to have to turn anyone down – to tell them their pet was too big.”  


Adirondack Pet Cremation charges by weight, but first divides pricing into two categories: private cremation and communal cremation.

A private cremation includes local pet transportation, cremation and the return of the ashes in a wood urn.

Pricing starts at $178.20 for a pet weighing between one and 25 pounds, and, after continued breakdowns, works its way up to a maximum $486.00 for a pet weighing between 251 and 300 pounds.

A communal cremation, including the transportation, cremation and a scattering of ashes by service staff, ranges from $86.40 to $324.


The cremation service also has a tracking system, assigning each pet a unique number on a stainless-steel tag.

“This tag stays with your pet throughout the entire process to ensure no error,” the Adirondack Pet Cremation brochure says.

As an added memento, the Bennett’s give all clients a package of forget-me-not flower seeds and offers more forms of after-care.

Clients have the option to purchase, at an additional cost, various mementos, too.

Keepsake jewelry, personalized blankets and photo candles are among the available items.

And, the brochure adds, the site offers monthly grief therapy meetings, as well.


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