PLATTSBURGH — Change is never easy.

CVPH Medical Center recently announced that, in light of its affiliation with Fletcher Health Partners in Vermont, its name will be changing.

The full official name will be Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital, University of Vermont Health Network.

We asked Press-Republican Facebook readers what they thought. Here are some of the responses:

Janessa Marie: "At this point, you could change the name to whatever you want and people will still forever call it CVPH. Change isn't exactly well received in the North Country..."

John Stefanov: "So it's now CVPHUVHN----WOW! What a name!"

Elizabeth Coon: "It shows that we're connected to our surrounding community hospitals. Employees have had a little more time to adjust but yes, change is hard.

Cathy Dwyer: "People can still call it CVPH and know what it means. No problem, change it."

Noreen Barcomb: "Think of the cost of making this change ... money that could be spent on research and other much more worthwhile things, especially when most will continue to call it CVPH."

Khristina Heffernan: "Prefer CVPH. this NY not Vermont; might as well take this side of New York and add it to Vermont state lines at this point."

Nanci Williams: "Only changing it so VT can have their name attached since we are now under their umbrella...All services we fought to have at CVPH are now all over there...sad."

James Kirby: "That's the biggest waste of money I have ever It is CVPH now and will always be CVPH the people in Burlington get a little (bit) hurt , hug a tree and get over it."

Corrine Anne Moore: "It's a mouthful - CVPH it will always be."

John Smith: "If memory serves me right, CVPH at one time was two hospitals, one was called Physicians Hospital and the other one was called Champlain Valley Hospital and the two merged together to form Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital back in the early 1970s. Why change a name back to what it was called before, I will always remember it being called CVPH. But they say change can be either good or bad, so we will all have to wait and see."

Leeann Lustenader: "We know it's connected to Vermont already. Don't need a name change to prove it. What a waste of time and money."

Eileen Ellmore Stickle: "A new name is good as long as the quality of care comes with it."

Tammie White: Way too long Champlain valley hospital UVHN is more than enough."

Dean Harris: "Just further proof that Burlington upstages Plattsburgh at every stage of the game. IBM, International Airport, etcetera. Don't get me wrong, I prefer Plattsburgh, but its best days have passed it by a long time ago. Perhaps the best place in the country to raise a family though, if you can afford to live there."

Kris Michaud: "Too long and clunky. Doesn't make sense to have the word Vermont in the name of a NY hospital."

Jody Trautner Hart: "With all that is going on in the world, this is what people are worrying about? Give me a break."

Mary Lou Hardwich Leavitt: "Bla bla bla.. more corporate hype."

John H. Wolfe: "What real difference will it make to the patients? None, I suspect. It's good they are affiliated with UV."

Theresa Starr Kempisty: "I don't care what it's called as long as we have good service."

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