BALLSTON SPA -- An Essex County contractor this week ended his downstate trial by pleading guilty to grand larceny.

David Reinmann III has been facing a felony indictment in Saratoga County for several months after he stole money from a former client.

His trial began late last week, and the 25-year-old pleaded guilty to grand larceny after the second day of trial testimony.

Reinmann was indicted on a single charge of third-degree grand larceny after he misspent about $3,000 he had been paid to cover expenses for a home-renovation project in Wilton.

Officials allege the Elizabethtown contractor spent the money on personal items and not on the 2006 project for which it was intended.

Warren County Assistant District Attorney Matthew Burin, who was called in as a special prosecutor in the case, said Reinmann's type of plea allowed him to admit to the crime but not the underlying facts of the case.

Reinmann is scheduled to return to court Friday, Sept. 12, for a restitution hearing.

As part of the negotiated plea, the felony charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor when Reinmann makes full restitution.

If he cannot make full restitution around the time of the hearing, he will be placed on probation until the debt is paid.

Burin said that if Reinmann does not pay restitution, he will be sentenced on the felony charge and could face prison time.


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