PLATTSBURGH --Town of Ellenburg officials are seeking a one-year extension to bring a polling place into compliance.

At the urging of Legislator Sam Trombley (R-Area 2, Ellenburg), Town Council member Richard Pearson asked legislators to support their request for more time to fix the polling place at the old schoolhouse in Merrill.

The site was declared unfit by the state earlier this year because it is not accessible for those with disabilities.

Lacking a handicap ramp, bathrooms and other requirements, it is not supposed to be used for elections this year.

Pearson said the town is willing to pay for the necessary adjustments to the site but needs a little time to get the job done.

"For the people of Merrill, this would be a real hardship not to have this polling place," he told legislators.

"A lot of them are elderly and would have a hard time getting to another place."

Pearson said some people with disabilities vote at the schoolhouse, and it is not easy for them.

"We do recognize that there is a problem, but we can fix it easily enough," he said.

Legislators unanimously agreed to support the town's request to the state for the extension, which Albany officials will rule on in the coming weeks.

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