PLATTSBURGH — Reconstruction of the Clinton County Government Center parking lot is scheduled to begin Monday, Oct. 14.

The joint project between the county and the City of Plattsburgh will add more than 50 spaces to the downtown lot. 

Deputy County Administrator Rodney Brown said the contractors have about a month to complete the work. 

"They've indicated to us that they don't think it will take the full 30 days," he said. 


Clinton County planned to revamp both its Court and Oak street lots this year and Brown said it started after several jury trials happened on the heels of one another.

"There was a bit of a parking crunch," he said. "The county decided it could design its lots much better." 

In recent months, the county's parking area on Oak Street was repaved, resurfaced and re-striped, making room for an added 22 spaces. 

Although changes to the Government Center lot were supposed to be small, that had shifted.

"When we looked at it again," Brown said, "we decided we could really create more spots if we did it a little differently and also provide better conditions for maintenance and snow removal." 

On top of being repaved, resurfaced and re-striped, a one-way entrance and exit will be added to both the visitor and the employee sections of the lot. 

Other work includes minimizing sidewalk curbing and an island there, while upping the parking space count from 158 to 213.


Per an agreement with the city, 66 of the visitor spaces will be open to the public. 

The county-city partnership came as a result of the city's state-funded Downtown Revitalization Initiative. 

Once the Durkee Street parking lot's 289 spaces had been pegged for redevelopment, the city went on the hunt for replacement parking. 

"This was folded into that discussion," Brown said of the county's Court Street lot. 

As part of the deal, the city will be contributing $64,000 on top of the county's $336,000.


The City Police Department was to enforce the lot's parking laws, as well. 

The visitor section of the lot will eventually have a pay-to-park kiosk, matching future plans for all downtown city parking.

But to accommodate Government Center visitors, Brown said, the first hour of that lot's parking would remain free. 

For the employee section, City Police would be looking for county employee stickers. 

Under the county-city agreement, the city would pocket any parking ticket revenue.


During lot construction, Brown said some county employees will park in the Oak Street lot. 

But, he added, that parking area wouldn't fit everyone. 

"We anticipate that portions of the Court Street parking lot will be made available for parking throughout construction," he said. 

And if the two areas aren't enough, Brown said, the city has been a helpful ally, equipping the county with 100 on-street parking passes for its employees. 

"We're hoping few, if any, are needed," he said. 

At its Thursday night meeting, the City Common Council also OK'd a resolution to close off six Cornelia Street parking spots during construction.

Those spots won't be reserved for Government Center employees, though. 

The blocked spaces will allow Clinton County Public Transit to adjust its Cornelia Street bus stop and allow a former lot entry-way there to be temporarily re-opened. 

Brown said that entrance will be used by construction workers only.


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