Construction on Protection Avenue continues

McKENZIE DELISLE/STAFF PHOTOProtection Avenue, a City of Plattsburgh roadway connecting Margaret and Oak streets, sits covered in gravel and construction equipment. An ongoing project there has included electrical work and roadway paving will be coming soon. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the project’s last stages of electrical work will lead to some outages on nearby streets.

PLATTSBURGH — Electrical work on Protection Avenue today and tomorrow will lead to some city outages that have potential to last up to four hours.

According to a City of Plattsburgh alert, the outages are expected at various times between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Affected homes and businesses could be those located on Brinkerhoff, Clinton, Gold and Margaret streets, as well as Protection Avenue. 

"Please be sure that all computer files have been saved and that computers or any other equipment that may be sensitive to this outage have been shut off," the city's alert says. 


Municipal Lighting Department Manager Bill Treacy said work on the strip connecting Oak and Margaret streets began in early September. 

The multifaceted project planned to reconstruct the sidewalk and roadway there, combine three separate transformers into a single unit and merge two oil switches. 

The single transformer and oil switch will now sit at an alleyway off of Protection Avenue known as Gold Street.

Treacy said the former infrastructure, which had been about 40 or 50 years old, needed an upgrade.

"That was put in during a different era altogether. It should have been done 20 years ago," he said. "This was a complicated, difficult project.

"That's a very difficult area to work, but it had to be done eventually. We should be good for the next 40-plus years." 


Northlines Utilities LLC was the contractor hired on for the strip's electrical work and Luck Brothers Inc. for the roadwork and sidewalks. 

Treacy said the electrical work was scheduled to wrap up on Wednesday. 

"Tuesday they're removing the two oil switches and the last transformer," the MLD manager said. "So all of the equipment will have been moved from that stretch." 

After some finishing touches on Wednesday, he added, the only electrical work left will be installing three new street lights in the future. 

According to Mayor Colin Read, Luck Brothers was expected to complete sidewalk and roadway work before Thanksgiving. 


Some were concerned the city's outages this Election Day would affect numbers at the polls. 

The MLD manager said not to worry. 

Apartment buildings, Pizza Bono, Monopole and a handful of shops on Margaret Street will be affected, Treacy said, "but no polling places."


Protection Avenue recently became a walk down memory lane when artist Brendon Palmer-Angell painted a mural of old school Hollywood actress Jean Arthur that is visible from the roadway.

Arthur hit it big in the '30s and '40s and now has her face on the corners of Brinkerhoff and Marion streets. 

Mayor Read said the ongoing work to Protection Avenue would not only enhance downtown, but celebrate the history of that city street, which houses the longstanding Monopole Tavern and Restaurant. 

That bar and eatery was established in 1897.

"I have seen the renderings for the new Protection Avenue and they will do great justice to one of the oldest continuously operating establishments in our city and the beautiful new Jean Arthur mural at the end of the avenue," Read said.


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