It's the end of summer and for many young adults this means college is back in session.

For the annual college moving day Saturday, Rugar Street became one-way for most of the day as college students and their parents carried everything from mini-refrigerators to fluffy chairs up the stairs to their dorm rooms.

According to some college students, along with the beginning of classes comes an opportunity for a fresh start.

Josephine Gonzalez, 19, of Brooklyn said what she missed most about Plattsburgh over the summer was the community.

The summer, Gonzalez said, is time to work, re-collect your thoughts and take it easy.

In addition to the clubs and other activities she was a part of, she said the scenery is also something she longed for in Brooklyn. For example, she said she couldn't just walk down to the lake and sit on the shore like she can here.

Over the summer, she helped freshmen become acquainted with their new home, and she looks forward to meeting old friends and new ones she made doing orientation.

This time of year, she said, is all about starting anew.

"(It's about) new beginnings, experiences, believing in yourself and being confident," Gonzalez said.

Natalie Nyame, 20, of Queens and Mary Catherine Jadlos, 19, of Potsdam agreed this time of year means a fresh start.

Jadlos will be an resident assistant for the first time this year, while Nyame will be filling a similar roll for the second time. They will both be performing these duties on the only all-girl floor of Whiteface Hall, which they said will make for a new kind of atmosphere.

"It will be a special kind of community," Nyame said. "Very friendly, and very female."

Jadlos jokingly added they will be "swimming in a sea of estrogen."

She said the area is great, and she looks forward to seeing her friends again.

"I love Plattsburgh," she said.

For Nyame, a senior, this year means graduation.

"I'm kind of scared," Nyame said. "I'm not really looking forward to it."

She said she is still uncertain of what she wants to do with her life.

For freshmen, however, it is a whole different experience.

"I really don't know what to expect," Keith Monahan, 18, of Pawling said. And Jeff Eednarchak, 18, of Brewster agreed.

Monahan said this is one of the perfect places to have a college, because of its location and community.

"Its a lot different from home," Monahan said. "Its absolutely beautiful."

He especially likes the fact that it is a bit cooler up here.

Monahan said while he doesn't know what to expect from college, he hopes it's exciting. Already, he said, college life seems much more social than high school. But most importantly, he said he hopes he learns a lot while he at Plattsburgh State.

Kevin Lewis, 20 of White Hall, transferred from Clinton Community College and will be completing his bachelor's degree at Plattsburgh State.

Seth Rosen, 22 of New York City, is a freshman at Clinton Community College. After taking four years off from school, he said he is a bit nervous going back into the school system. Still, he said it's a positive experience.

"I'm glad to be going back," Rosen said.

The area, he said, is much nicer than New York City and the people are much more open.

"I love being up here," Rosen said. "Everyone's so nice."

One thing he said that excites him in particular are specialized programs like the wind turbine technology class.

As leaves begin to turn and summer slowly fades away, students will be hard at work getting back into the flow of school.

Lewis said this time of the year makes him think football, but it also signals one other thing.

"(It means) getting down to schoolwork."

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