DANNEMORA — Clinton Correctional Facility was placed on lockdown Tuesday afternoon after several inmate fights there, according to correction officer union officials.

“Clinton Correctional Facility has been placed on temporary lockdown by administrators after a series of several-inmate fights,” New York State Corrections Officers Police Benevolent Association Spokesman James Miller said.

NYSCOPBA Northern Region Vice President John Roberts added, “NYSCOPBA has requested a full lockdown of the facility to give staff time to search and frisk the facility for contraband and determine the root of the on-going fighting.”

Thomas Mailey, spokesman for the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, said that “following several incidents involving incarcerated individuals at Clinton Correctional Facility, the staff is conducting a thorough investigation.

While the investigation is underway and staff continue to assess the situation and the potential for further violent incidents, the population will temporarily remain in their cells as a precaution.”

Reports from the prison said that fighting among inmates broke out in the mess hall Tuesday, and other fights occurred on cell blocks.


The fights appear to be involving members of the same gang in a power struggle, sources said.

Several inmates were reportedly treated for abrasions and cuts, but none were transported to a hospital.

The injuries appeared to have occurred as the result of “razor tag,” a prison slang term for inmates slicing each other with razor-like weapons, sources said.

The maximum-security facility was put on lockdown in June after a series of fights in the north yard recreation area.

Lockdowns involve keeping inmates in their cells for 24 hours as officers search the premises for weapons and contraband.

A lockdown was also implemented in September after incidents caused injuries to several inmates and staff.


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