The Keeseville Village Board has formed a committee to help decide the fate of the Civic Center.

The building, which now houses Village Offices, will be vacated later this year after the Village Board decided it was too expensive to maintain.

Public presence at the most recent Village Board meeting dwindled to only a few residents after large turnouts the past two months over the Civic Center closing.


The Civic Center Committee will be chaired by Trustee Kathleen Klages and will be made up of village residents.

Its purpose is to decide the best course of action, whether it is selling, restoring or taking up an offer from a nonprofit organization.

At the May meeting, Mayor Meegan Rock said that any nonprofit organization that wished to purchase the building could do so for as little as $1, and the measure would be voted on by residents.

"We've got to start somewhere," Rock said.


The building is slated to be closed Oct. 1.

Trustee Mary King made a motion during the latest meeting to move the closing to the summer of 2011.

After being brought to a vote by Trustee Robin Bezio, the measure was voted down by all other members of the board. Trustee John Casey was not present.


Also included in the motion was an objective to borrow the funds necessary for "total finances, permits, relocation costs, construction costs, operating costs of the new building, closing of old building costs, landscaping costs, employee and non-employee costs and contract costs."

With an allocation of $20,000 in the budget this year, King proposed the necessary staff be hired to estimate these costs.

The funds would be borrowed in February of next year, being repaid in June or July of 2011.

The Civic Center Committee will make a recommendation about what to do with the building.

"If we have more than one option, then the village can choose which one they want," Rock said. "It's up to the public."

Any resident of Keeseville who wishes to take part in the committee can contact the Village Office or board members.

shelter phone

Also discussed at the meeting was the use of a separate phone line for the Keeseville Fire Department to use at the emergency shelter being established there.

This would allow the shelter to have a means of communication without tying up the Fire Department's phone lines during a crisis.

The shelter was previously housed in the Civic Center.

water violation

Discussed that night was a Department of Environmental Conservation State Pollution Discharge Elimination System violation.

The violation was due to the water plant not being up to code with the amount of water being pumped out of it.

"It is a big deal," Rock said.

Contractors were changed during the construction of the water plant, leading to the plant being incorrectly constructed, she said.


Village Board members also:

▶ Passed a health-insurance plan for town employees, keeping them under their current insurer.

▶ Approved the consolidation of four separate bank accounts containing a total of $4,600 from the Village Justice Court into one single account.

Currently, Keeseville court business is being handled in the towns of Chesterfield and AuSable.

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