PLATTSBURGH — A City of Plattsburgh water main that broke Friday was repaired by end of day, but a boil-water order is in place for users in that area.

And a second one was put in place Friday night after a rupture on Sandra Avenue.

The first break affected as many as a dozen homes near the intersection of Main Mill and Wall streets, which were without service much of the afternoon. 

The break on Sandra impacts those who live between Rugar and Park street.

City workers went door to door to notify residents; water for ingestion — drinking, cooking, washing dishes and brushing teeth — needs to be brought a rolling boil in a clean container, boiled for one minute and allowed to cool before use, according to Clinton County Health Department regulations.

Workers shut down the main  Main Mill and Wall to prevent damage to the road, City of Plattsburgh Public Works Superintendent Arsene “Mike” Brodi said via cellphone on Friday.

They excavated to see where the leakage was coming from so they could determine how to repair the damage. Work would include cutting the pipes to put new sleeves on, Brodi said earlier in the day. 

The cause of the rupture was ground pressure from frost penetration, he said. 

“This is the third break we have had in two weeks,” he said before the fourth rupture.

The other two were on Margaret Street and Prospect Avenue. 

The City of Plattsburgh is a little over 100 years old, Brodi said, so the pipes are getting weaker.

Cost varies depending on the break, but the price tag just for Friday’s earlier incident would be about $3,500, he estimated.

Boil-water orders are issued when a break in a line occurs; it was expected the restrictions would be lifted within a few days after successive water samples tested free of bacteria.

— News Editor Suzanne Moore contributed to this report.

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