PLATTSBURGH — The city’s Livable Community Advisory Committee got an extension.

Formed in early April, that 11-member group came with an expiration date of Friday, July 5.

At a recent session, committee members said they needed more time to wrap up business.

City Councilor Jeff Moore (D-Ward 6), who sits on the committee, brought that request to the Common Council.

It was determined, and approved, that the committee’s term would come to a close upon submission of their final report.


At the suggestion of Councilor Moore, the Livable Community Committee was intended to generate community-driven ideas that could enhance City of Plattsburgh livability.

Potential topics had included pedestrian access, crime and nuisance prevention, beautification and economic prosperity.

Following an application process, members were appointed to join Moore, City Councilor Peter Ensel (R-Ward 4), SUNY Police Chief Patrick Rascoe and ex-officio member Mayor Colin Read.

Selected for the committee was Ward 1 resident Paula Cormier, Ward 2 resident George Wurster, Ward 3 resident Joan Janson, Ward 4 resident Sarah Belser-Ehrlich, Ward 5 resident Jane Desotelle and Ward 6 residents Art de Grandpré and Frances Wright, as well as Ward 6 resident and SUNY Plattsburgh student Michael Stetz; Stetz has since relocated out of the city.


Since inception, the committee has met every other Wednesday.

But three sub-groups — Code Enforcement, Environment/Enhancements and City-College Relations — have been connecting more frequently.

Discussed ideas have related to rental-property laws, city recycling and college-supported initiatives, like a neighborhood watch group.

When all is said and done, the three sections plan to present a list of actionable ideas to the Common Council.


This isn’t the first time a citizen group has done so.

The Plattsburgh City-College Commission generated a report of recommendations back in 2007.

That group had hoped to better the relationship between the City of Plattsburgh and the SUNY Plattsburgh communities — much like the current City-College Relations subcommittee.

But that report had submitted nearly 40 recommendations and very few, if any, were enacted.

The Common Council was probably overwhelmed, Moore said.

“We need to prioritize,” he told fellow Livable Community members.

And so the various sub-groups plan to present councilors with a smaller list of about three or four actions each.


The three groups chose various spokespeople to present their items.

Those presentations are expected at city committee meetings in August.

Rascoe and de Grandpré will present to the Public Safety Committee on behalf of the City-College Relations and Code Enforcement subcommittees, respectively.

Representatives from the Environment/Enhancements group will appear at both the City Infrastructure Committee and the Governance, Strategy and City Operations Committee meetings.

Janson and Wurster will speak at the former and Cormier at the latter.

Those various meetings are held in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 4:30 p.m., just before 5:30 p.m. council sessions, on rotating Thursdays throughout the month.

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