CHAZY — A pump malfunctioned this week in one of the three wells that serves hamlet of Chazy water users.

Thursday, Town Supervisor Staub Spiegel asked customers to conserve water, as the 200,000-gallon water tank just off Miner Farm Road was not filling as it should.

“If you can wait to do a load of wash tomorrow instead of today, it would be a help,” he said Thursday afternoon.

Ormsby’s Well Drilling of Schuyler Falls was called to come check out the pump, located on the property where the water tank is stands on Bernard Riley Drive.

Water Superintendent Dave Siskavich reported the problem on Wednesday, the supervisor said.

“The tank wasn’t filling to the level it should be,” Spiegel said. “We thought we had a water-main break.”

But inspection of the system showed otherwise, and then an electrician identified the well pump as the cause.

Spiegel didn’t know if it could be repaired or whether a new pump would have to be installed.

Meanwhile, he asked that those on the system limit water use wherever possible.

“We will notify the residents when it’s rectified.”

The public water system in Chazy first began serving users in 2001, able to pump a maximum of 85,000 gallons a day.

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