A Charter Communications outage has left many area residents with no Internet and telephone services since sometime Saturday.

According to a Charter representative, the outage is affecting Internet, telephone and cable service in multiple areas.

The representative said Charter was working to fix the problem but gave no estimate of when service would be restored.

Devi Momot, president and CEO of TwinState, which provides voice, data and video communications products and services to regional businesses, said that Charter is one of four carriers that provide TwinState with Internet services.

Momot said TwinState was told by Charter Sunday morning that the outage was due to a break in a fiberoptic line.

Momot explained that the direct impact of the outage on TwinState will be manageable because the company has designed diversity into its infrastructure, meaning it does not rely solely on Charter for Internet service. TwinState is also provided service by Westelcom, Primelink and Verizon.

However, many of TwinState's customers rely on Charter, she said.

"This is a huge impact to a lot of our customers," Momot said.

During outages such as these, people who rely solely on Charter Internet for phone services are left without a phone line.

"When we lose the Internet, a lot of people lose their connectivity to everyone," she said.

Momot suggested that people who are dependent on connectivity consider adding diversity within their own network.

Momot also hopes that Charter will consider utilizing more diverse fiberoptic routes in the region, so that when there is a fiberoptic break service can be re-routed.

Eric Day, director of Emergency Services for Clinton County, urged people not to contact 911 in the event of such outages, as the number should be used only in emergency situations.

"It's not really appropriate at all," Day said of calling 911 to report a phone, Internet or cable outage. "911 is a number that's reserved for emergency."

Day said 911 should be reserved for health- or safety-related emergencies.

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