WILLSBORO — Essex County district attorney candidate Kristy Sprague said she moved into the county this week.

Sprague’s Plattsburgh residency had been a campaign issue and even the subject of a lawsuit by supporters of incumbent District Attorney Julie Garcia.

The suit sought to remove Sprague from the ballot for non-residency. It was settled in Sprague’s favor when State Supreme Court Justice Robert Muller ruled that she could run as long as she resided in Essex County by Election Day on Nov. 3.

“I moved to Willsboro,” Sprague said Thursday. “We’re renting right now. My children are enrolled in school.”

Sprague’s two children started elementary classes at Willsboro Central School on Wednesday. School started Tuesday, but Sprague said she didn’t have time to enroll them for the first day.

She said she and her husband, Steve Trow, are looking to either buy or build a house in Willsboro.

This time she plans to stay in Essex County whether she wins or loses the election, Sprague said.

“That’s the plan.”

When she ran for DA in 2005, Sprague briefly moved back to Essex County, renting a house in Port Henry, but she moved back to Clinton County after she lost the primary to Garcia.

Garcia said Thursday she hopes Sprague is serious this time about residing in Essex County.

“Did they move in? She moved in 2005, too, but she didn’t stay. Is their house on the market? Or did they pretend-move again?”

Sprague said she’s taken a leave of absence effective Sept. 14 as an assistant DA in Clinton County.

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