WESTPORT — Meeting for the first time under its new moniker, the Boquet Valley Central School Board voted unanimously on new names for the two facilities that make up its district.

The school in Westport is now the “Lake View Campus,” and the one in Elizabethtown is the “Mountain View Campus.”

Also under consideration were the Sisco Street Campus and Court Street Campus.

At the recent session, BVCSD Superintendent Josh Meyer persuaded the board to establish the new District Office on the Lake View Campus; initially, it was planned for the school in Elizabethtown.

Elizabethtown, Meyer pointed out, is “at capacity with one undesirable room available on the basement level and only one point of egress (no windows).

“The Westport campus has three highly desirable empty rooms, plus four empty office spaces.”

The board voted for the Westport proposal, as it was also pointed out that it had a separate entrance.


At the recent session, the board also approved a number of staff appointments and gave consent for use of district facilities by outside groups.

The board also accepted and recognized the Boquet Valley Federation of Teachers as the newly organized collective bargaining unit.

It was mentioned that teacher assignments have been made and information to student families is forthcoming.

The board also set the non-resident tuition rate at $1,271.

Previously at Westport, it was $1,229, while Elizabethtown’s was $2,000.

A family would pay no more than the tuition for three students, maximum. As has been in the past, class size and student behavior could dictate acceptance.

There will no longer be tuition charged for students from the previous Westport Central School who attended ELCS and vice versa since those districts are now one.


Paul Buehler reported to the board the Transition Athletic Advisory Committee’s recommendations.

That group decided the best fields for soccer, as well as track and field, are located at Camp Dudley, the Westport School field is better suited for baseball and Westport Golf Course is the better venue for that sport.

Softball and basketball should be held at the Elizabethtown school, Buehler said.

The committee will seek approval for the cross-country team to practice at the Cobble Hill Golf Course in Elizabethtown.

“We went with what we felt were the best facilities rather than just to keep people happy,” Buehler said.

Archery, cheerleading and weightlifting should be added to the winter sports repertoire, the committee recommended. A survey indicated that there is enough student interest for those activities.

Only cheerleading would need equipment/uniforms, Buehler said.

There would be a junior varsity basketball team, though it would have to play many games with Champlain Valley Athletic Conference opponents.


All banners and trophies pertaining to ELCS and WCS would be put in storage, the committee decided. However, any banners and trophies garnered by the 47 Griffins teams would remain on display.

The timer’s table and scoreboard as well as podiums should either be replaced or refurbished to reflect the new district’s colors and logos.

The Elizabethtown gym would need to be sanded, repainted and varnished with an estimated cost of $19,000, while just the logo in the Westport gym would be replaced.

“It would look silly if the Lion logo remained on the basketball court and other teams would ask, ‘Why?’” Buehler said.

“These actions are crucial in creating a more positive environment for our athletes and help to foster the team spirit under the Boquet Valley name and mascot.”

Though the Griffin had been decided upon for a mascot and logo, there was discussion as to its colors.

Though multi-color versions were deemed beautiful by some at the meeting, the navy blue and gold that represent the school colors were chosen as they would be easier and less expensive to reproduce.


ELCS teacher Connie Blaine provided information and supplied photos concerning the Elizabethtown campus playground that she termed “substandard.”

That is, in part, due to the broken plastic end caps on the wooden apparatus that harbored bees this past year. Five of the 11 first-graders she questioned had been stung.

Through various fundraising efforts, Blaine amassed $21,000 for the playground and was wondering if some of the money — which is for school improvement at a 90 percent reimbursement rate due to the merger — could be utilized for this purpose.

“I am not sure if this has to be part of a larger project or can be done piecemeal,” BVCSD Board President Phil Mero said.


Interim Superintendent Dr. Mark Davey offered details pertaining to free breakfasts and lunches expected to be available for all students in the new district.

ELCS had the Community Eligibility Program this past year, but BVCSD needs to apply for it again, he said.

The goal is for at least 75 percent of the student body to eat meals prepared at the school.

The plans also call for Julie Holbrook to continue to oversee the meals in order to take advantage of the whole foods and farm-to-market program she initiated.

The new district officially exists as of July 1, and at the recent meeting, Davey expressed thanks to the School Board and BVCSD District Clerk Jana Atwell for all that was accomplished “in such a short time.

“You are set for a smooth transition and are off to a good start in good hands,” he said.

He also complimented the transition teams.

The board and Meyer in turn thanked Davey for the many hours he has expended in guiding them through the transition.

The board meets next at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 10, at the Mountain View Campus (Elizabethtown).

For additional information go to: boquetvalleycsd.org or call 518-962-8244.

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