BEEKMANTOWN — Beekmantown Central School will conduct a telephone survey to gain community input on 2013-14 budgetary decisions.

The district has compiled phone numbers for the households of all known registered district voters and students and will use an automated survey system to attempt to contact those homes between 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. on Monday.

The survey will be both voluntary and anonymous, Beekmantown Central Superintendent Scott Amo said at a recent special meeting of the School Board.

It will ask questions dealing with the district’s spending plan for next school year.

“It’s collecting information from a broader base of respondents on key questions, hopefully, and provocative enough questions that people can have an opinion,” Amo said. 

If the survey system encounters a busy signal or answering machine, it will make additional attempts that evening and for the next three consecutive evenings.  

If you don’t get a call on Monday and believe you should have, call 324-2599 no later than Tuesday.

Once the survey has been completed, Amo noted, its results will be compiled and provided to the School Board.

“My final draft of a budget proposal to this board is going to be, in part, with the knowledge of what does the largest community representative tell me about the important issues affecting the budget,” he said.

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