JAY — The Ausable River Association was recently awarded a $100,000  Best Management Practices for Pollution Reduction grant from the Lake Champlain Basin Program.

The grant will help fund the replacement of  an undersized and failing culvert on Otis Brook in Jay. 

This will be the association's sixth installation of a "climate-ready culvert" and is part of their wider effort to restore stream health by reducing sedimentation of waterways, improve wildlife habitat and create flood resilience for communities in the Ausable watershed.

The funds will replace the second culvert on the Otis system located just downstream of the 2016 project. The targeted culvert, an undersized 4-foot diameter pipe, is a barrier to aquatic organisms, is frequently overwhelmed during moderate flooding and causes significant bank erosion on either side of the road.

Construction is planned for summer of 2020 and will include installation of a bottomless aluminum arch culvert sized to accommodate a 100-year flood event at 80 percent capacity.

The Lake Champlain Basin Program offers grants to develop and install Best Management Practices for Pollution Reduction in the U.S. portion of the basin, and for projects to provide planning and prioritization for future on-the-ground interventions.


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