PLATTSBURGH — Adirondack ElliptiGO LLC will soon ride into its second year in business and owner Donald C. Moore said year one helped to up machine popularity around the North Country.

A 25-mile-long group ride last year had attracted about seven local ElliptiGO riders, but the 2020 event, planned for Saturday, September 25, was expected to more than double in attendance. 

"I feel that they should be more popular," Moore told The Press-Republican, "because it's a lot of fun, but it's also a fitness machine."


When Moore, a certified public accountant, or CPA, of 30-plus years, had his hip replaced after a 2003 ski accident, he said running, a then hobby of his, had become tough. 

"I would do a 10K in about an hour," he told The Press-Republican. "I would feel so beat up afterwards — my recovery time was three days."

About four years ago, Moore noticed a local physical therapist pulling an EllipitiGO out of their car every now and again and said he became intrigued.

"I finally worked up the courage to go ask her about it."


The machines, a mix between an elliptical and a bike, has two wheels, but no seat, requiring riders stand while pedaling. 

"This is a full-body workout, it works your whole core," Moore explained, adding that standing reduces stress on the neck and back. "It eliminates seat pain, because there is no seat.

"It's very low impact and you also have high visibility, because you're standing up. I think it's a lot safer, too." 

And, the owner said, the stand-up bikes burn 33 percent more calories than a traditional bicycle. 

The inventor was an Iron Man competitor before an injury, Moore said, adding that he came up with the machine as a low-impact alternative to running and biking. 

"I've been riding mine for four years," the CPA said. "After I take it up to Ausable Chasm and back, about 30 miles for a three-hour ride, my recovery time is just a nap in the afternoon, then I'm good to go." 


Moore opened Adirondack ElliptiGO in July 2019 right out of his tax and accounting office in West Bay Plaza. 

The owner, who is the shop's sole worker, said sales and rentals are up this year, with some local buyers now calling him for maintenance parts and service. 

"There has been an increase," he said. "ElliptiGO is something great that people can do in this age of COVID-19. I would say, its been impacted in a favorable way." 


When Moore first expressed interest in the local physical therapist's ElliptiGO, she had let him take it for a test drive, and even borrow it for the weekend before he bought one of his own. 

Adirondack ElliptiGO has a similar system, offering single-day, weekend and weekly rental opportunities. 

Pricing can be found on the business' Facebook page. 


Moore hoped the local business would help up visibility of the bikes and make them more mainstream. 

"I've had a lot of fun seeking out other riders around here and I'm really trying to make them more popular," he said.

"The more the merrier." 

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