DANNEMORA–Locals may recognize the two yellow apartment buildings on Cook Street in the village of Dannemora, either from driving past them or seeing them on television.

The old Keenan/Breen buildings, across from Clinton Correctional Facility, have been long standing buildings within the village. Many may remember them fondly, before they became vacant eyesores and zombie properties.

During the three weeks the nation was transfixed on Dannemora in June of 2015, when two murderers escaped from the prison and were on the loose, the buildings were often seen on national television as news crews did live stand-up reports from Cook Street.

At the time, County officials worried that the sight of those buildings would cast a negative light on the village and the county.

County officials were not the only people worried about the negative light cast on the village and the two buildings. Local Arnie Miller, who grew up with the Keenan and Breen families, decided to contact family members who had grown up in the yellow buildings to cast a positive light on the zombie properties.

“I have felt terrible about the negative exposure the two buildings have gotten,” Miller said.

“I thought it would be a good idea for the people of the North County to learn the history behind those grand old buildings,” he said.

The buildings are set to be demolished on or around September 1 with no plans yet for future property.

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