PLATTSBURGH — Meadowbrook Healthcare is thick with Veterans.

More than 30 live there, and the Activities Department is highlighting “‘Heroes of Meadowbrook’ - A Veterans Day Project” today.


“In early October, we sent a letter to all the families of our veterans asking them for photographs at the time that they served in the Armed Forces, military, whatever branch,” Sandy Geddes, community relations coordinator, said.

“We received back photos of them actually in their uniforms with descriptions of their rank and where they've been. We've been doing it as a social media thing now, but what we wanted to show them then and again today.”

On Wednesday, Scott Brightwell Photography went to Meadowbrook to photograph the veterans.

“They took photos of the folks that participated, and they turned out beautiful,” Geddes said.

“They are really amazing. We will share them via social media on Veteran's Day. But we are also displaying them during our Veterans' Day Event.”


Meadowbrook Healthcare unveils its “Heroes of Meadowbrook 2:30 p.m, Monday, Nov. 11 in the front lobby as well as in Le Grand Room.

“We have an entertainer Mel Frechette, who is also a veteran,” Geddes said.

“He comes here and perform here. We'll just have a big concert. We will have the display and families of our veterans will be invited. It's just a big entertainment event. But really the point is to honor the veterans but also display the names and the pictures of those that we were able to capture.”

During October, the veterans' images were shared via social media and received positive community feedback.

“Countless times I have visited with our veterans, and often they will remark that while they served their country, that they would miss their children being born, growing up and major life events, Kim Parker, director of activities, said in a release.

“We wanted to do something really special that both the veteran and their families would treasure forever.”

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