PLATTSBURGH — It's a frightful house, 149 Cornelia Street, owned by Larry and Danielle Harney of Plattsburgh.

A rash of ghoulish scenarios play out in the front yard behind a rickety picket fence annually.

“She's the Mayor of Halloween,” Larry said.

“We joke about that, I'm the Mayor of Halloween,” Danielle said.

“I wish, but no.”


A gate with chains introduces the Haunted Estates to curious passers-by and keeps them at bay, but it was crashed by their 40 guests, who attended their annual Halloween Bash on Saturday.

“Yeah, the inside matches the outside,” Danielle said.

They have lived in the house for seven years and have decorated all but one year.

“It's my favorite holiday,” she said.

“I guess I think growing up it was the most fun holiday for me because my parents were divorced so Christmas and Thanksgiving were a little — you know how that goes — so Halloween was just a nice one.”


This year, Danielle will don the tails of a ringmaster, and Larry will be her lion.

When she was a child, her mother dressed her as a clown, princess, the usual.

“The last time we went trick-or-treating, I was 18,” Danielle said.

“We were cowboys.”


This year, she started her ghoul cool in July inside the house.

She purchases her macabre decor from Spirit of Halloween, Amazon and other online retailers.

“Some are recycled like the coffin guy,” she said.

“That was actually an old Halloween costume of my husband, so we kind of just put him together, Amazon.”


The fence is original to the property, but they keep it expressly for their Halloween magic.

“It's a little over the top,” Danielle said.

“I like when people come up and take pictures, stop at night."


Their guests will leave the mayhem on the front yard and enter their spooky sanctuary via the Spider Room.

“Each room kind of has a theme,” Danielle said.

“Obviously, this is the spider theme. It looks much better at night.”

Next, the walk of horrors segues into the Circus Room with a fortune teller and the most frightful clown ever.

“These two are animated, so when they're on they talk and do their thing,” she said.

A table is stacked with caramel apples and cotton candy.


The living room of the dead emits a haunted, creepy ambiance with apparitions behind doors and windows as well as a ghastly quartet around a dining table.

Next door, a witch cackles and casts spells with a raspy voice.

A “Boo” lights up the decorated bathroom.

Bloody red footprints track from the Circus Room into the kitchen, a butcher shop scene.

Body parts twirl from overhead, and bloody hand prints tattoo the walls.

Fresh blood wets an ax.

“We have the daily specials on the chalkboard for everyone,” Danielle said.

“It's awesome!” Larry said.


“Thankfully, he also enjoys Halloween,” Danielle said.

“I guess I don't give him much of a choice.”

“Where else can you get Halloween six months out of the year?” Larry said.

The inside does indeed match the outside.

A miniature haunted house for kids is on their to-do-list.

And for the other best time of the year …

“I do decorate for Christmas, it's just not this extreme; like normal level,” Danielle said.

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