Epic epoch for CVPH

ROBIN CAUDELL/STAFF PHOTODr. Alison Guile, an internist and regional physician leader for the Medical Group, touches upon Epic, an electronic health record, that is going online at the University of Vermont Health Network-Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital in Plattsburgh.

PLATTSBURGH — Epic, an electronic medical record software application, is among the seismic shifts at the University of Vermont Health Network-Champlain Physician Hospital to deliver value-based care.

This unified electronic health record is going to, we really believe, significantly improve patient care because you will have all of the patient's information available to a healthcare provider regardless of where in the network they are getting the care," Michael Carrese, media relations strategist for the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington, Vt., said.

"It's really the right thing to do for patients and families because it will allow us to provide much more seamless care across the whole Health Network. There are many, many benefits."

CVPH is in the throes of seguing into the Epic platform.

"This a huge step forward for CVPH," Dr. Alison Guile, an internist and regional physician leader for the Medical Group, said.

“And it's going to mean that we will be sharing information across the lake and eventually across the region when Alice Hyde and Elizabethtown are also on the same platform. But, I will also say be patient with us.”


Epic comes online as the hospital begins renovation projects for the new Heart Center and Musculoskeletal Center.

“It's a little bit like learning how to run a submarine ship while at the same time you're trying to practice medicine,” Guile said.

“Realize it's going to take awhile for all of this to come to fruition.”

Epic is one of the most popular electronic record keeping systems in the country.

“And, it's particularly well suited to large groups of physicians,” Guile said.

“Years ago, the University of Vermont Health Network made the decision that we would develop that system across the network.”

UPGRADESIn Burlington, the University of Vermont Medical Center has used previous iterations of the program.

“But they are actually upgrading their system to the most recent version on Nov. 1,” Guile said.

“At the same time, CVPH, CVMC and Porter outpatient practices are going live on the out-patient version Epic, which will allow us to link with the University of Vermont because by definition in the system each patient has one chart."

If a physician opens a chart in Plattsburgh, she or he can see also what happened with that patient in Burlington or any of the other hospitals in the network that that patient may have gone to.

“The inpatient parts of the community hospitals in the network aren't going live for another couple of years,” Guile said.

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