FIRST Robotics Championship

PLATTSBURGH — The Radical Robotics are in St. Louis this week for the 20th FIRST Robotics Championship, pitting their skills against participants from around the world.

Follow the Plattsburgh-based team's experiences on the Press-Republican homepage, where photos and observations from the six students are posted through Twitter, with hashtag #PlattsburghRobotics. Feel free to tweet messages of support with that hashtag as well.

Team members are: Nicklas Dahlen, a ninth-grader at Saranac Lake Central School; Kent Vaccaro, a seventh-grader at Vermont Commons School; Zachory Harriman, a ninth-grader at Northeastern Clinton Central School in Champlain; Joe Bedard, an eighth-grader at Stafford Middle School in Plattsburgh; Tommy Deramiah, a ninth-grader at Seton Catholic Central School; and Kaleb Pecoraro, an eighth-grader at Stafford.

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