MOOERS — It is never too late to try anything.

Mooers resident Dot Pelky, who took her first motorcycle ride at the age of 98, is a perfect example of this sentiment.

Pelky’s godson Dean Nephew spontaneously asked her if she would like to ride on his bike one clear and sunny day, and she quickly accepted.

“It was nice, I enjoyed it,” Pelky said.

“At first, he went slow but by the end, I was asking him to speed it up a little bit. I didn’t think it was a big deal.”

Pelky embodies what we all hope to be when older; still mentally and physically ready for new opportunities. The Altona native says to “not give up” throughout life.

“I still make my own meals, do my own dishes, do my own ironing and do my own business,” Pelky said.

Pelky currently resides in an assisted living facility in Mooers.

She gives sound advice for maintaining vitality and liveliness much later in life: “Eat, pray and be merry,” she says.

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