Digital Voices: Trump Impeachment Witnesses

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The question asked on Jan. 21, 2020, was: National polls show that 68 percent of Americans want witnesses and documents. But only 55 percent believe Trump should be removed from office.

Do you believe witnesses should be called in the impeachment trial?

Here are some of the replies:

Maggie Ann: No witnesses. The house did not allow witnesses that the republicans wanted so they should not be allowed having there witnesses for this impeachment trial.

UB Hart: Another example of the fake/biased media. The media now makes witnesses a big deal in the Senate and did not in the House when the Republicans were not able to call witness they wanted too. The common sense Americans know this impeachment started the day after Trump was elected. This is what happens when you elect a non career politician that does not play ball with the inner circle of the swamp!!!!

LM Barcomb: There should be no question, absolutely evidence and witnesses should be admissible and called to testify.

Mike Dodds: What trial do you know of that did not have witnesses? Just goes to show who has no regard for the rule of law. What is our country coming to.

Melissa Lavalley: No witnesses ! The house had the chance to properly do hearings and call whoever but didn’t want to play by the rules ! They just wanted to rush this crap and shove it down our throats ! They don’t control the senate and can’t bully their way into getting what they want ...

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