PLATTSBURGH - Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont today announced a significant easing of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on the region's businesses, venues and gatherings given significant progress in vaccinations and sustained reduction in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

"The tide is turning against COVID-19 in New York, and thanks to our increasing vaccination rates, as well as our successful, data-based regional approach, we're able to take more steps to reopen our economy, help businesses and workers, and keep moving towards returning to normal," Cuomo said in a news release.

"Thanks to the hard work of New Yorkers and our partners in government, we are now able to increase capacity limits for businesses, event venues and residences to reflect what we're seeing in the COVID data. Maintaining this progress is critical and in order to keep moving in a positive direction, New Yorkers must continue to take all the proper precautions.

"If we let up now, we could slide backwards and that is something nobody wants. So, let's be safe and for anyone who has yet to be vaccinated, please do so as soon as you can. With the addition of walk-in appointments, we've made it as easy as every to get your shot, so there are truly no excuses."

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will lift most industry capacity restrictions beginning May 19, including:

- Business capacity limits to be replaced with space available to maintain six feet of social distancing on May 19 in New York and New Jersey

- Outdoor social gathering limit Increases to 500 on May 10 in New York; indoor social gathering limit increases to 250 on May 19 in New York

- Outdoor residential gathering limit is removed and indoor residential gathering limit increases to 50 on May 19 in New York

- Large-scale indoor venue capacity increases to 30% and large-scale outdoor venue capacity Iicreases to 33% on May 19, proof of Vaccination or recent negative test still Required in New York

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