MALONE — Franklin County has its first confirmed case of COVID-19.

A news release from the Franklin County Department of Public Health March 25 said that the individual, a resident of the county, has been under quarantine since March 21 and remains in isolation at home while receiving follow-up care.

The county department is conducting an investigation to determine where this individual may have been exposed and is contact tracing to detect any individuals this person may have had contact with prior to quarantine, the release said.

“Any time that we have any positive test, or there’s someone that’s exhibiting strong symptoms, we’ll do a contact trace back,” Franklin County Manager Donna Kissane said. “We provide recommendations to any connected individuals for what people can watch for symptoms.”

There are more than 60 individuals in the county that are in isolation and awaiting test results, and there have been 47 tests that have come back negative.

The county would not say whether the positive case was a male or female or what age-range they were in.

All indicators point to the possibility of a sharp increase in positive tests and quarantines, the release said.

“The best defense that we have is to continue the social distancing practice,” Kissane said. “If people do that, and they can stay home and stay in place as much as they can, it’s the best chance we have to reduce the risk of this spreading.”

Kissane added that the county’s public health department is checking in on quarantined individuals twice a day and will assist them with getting food or medicine delivered if needed.

‘We know that Franklin County is a resilient place,” Kissane said.”We’ll get through this together.”


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