Clinton Co. cleans up the area one tire at a time

Town of Plattsburgh Highway Dept. member Jeff Deno, Clinton County Soil and Water Conservation District technician Jillian Zajac, Clinton County Soil and Water Conservation District intern Chase Wojtowecz and Clinton County Soil and Water Conservation District technician Kaylyn Wood (from left) at the tire round-up event in Plattsburgh earlier this month.

CHAZY — Since 2017, Clinton County’s annual tire round-up events have been responsible for thousands of tires getting recycled.

On Thursday, June 23, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., at Chazy Highway Department, the county will be recycling close to 1,000 more for free for county residents.

Though the upcoming round-up is currently full for pre-registration.


For the past few years, the event has required county residents who want to recycle their tires to pre-register by calling the Clinton County Soil and Water Conservation District.

County Soil and Water Manager Peter Hagar said, with each resident being allowed to bring 10 tires, it runs smoother that way.

“That way we don’t have crowds of people — they (can) get overwhelming,” he said.

“Typically, we can put about 1,000 tires onto a tractor trailer, so we register that many tires for the day of collection.”


Hagar said it costs around $3,000 to have a trailer full of tires recycled.

And the district usually budgets $10,000 each year for the tire round-up events, which is enough for three events.

If everything works out, another event might be scheduled for late summer or early fall, Hagar said.

“The problem is when we look around for somebody to do the trucking and recycling, the recycling company couldn’t deliver us a trailer. They don’t have drivers — they run into the same problem that everybody is — (a) lack of help,” he said.

“We do hope to do another one this year.”


The premise behind the events has always been to clean up the local area as much as possible.

Each round-up event is held in a different town in Clinton County. The first one of the year was held in Plattsburgh, while the upcoming one will be held in Chazy.

Clinton County Legislator Robbie Timmons (R-Area 7) said after the round-up event ends, the crew will usually see if the host town has any extra tires for them to take.

“If we have room on our trailer, at the end of the day, we tend to go around to the towns and ask them ‘have you picked up any that you need to get rid of?’ and we’ll take them for them, in order to save the town’s money too, because it costs a lot of money to get rid of the tires,” Timmons said.

“If you walk near a small stream, or along roads and ditches, people are throwing tires away because of the cost it does take to recycle them. Hopefully by doing this, we save them from going into streams and rivers and ditches along the road.”


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