JT Mechanical owner Jeffery Twigg (left) is now an Aire Serv franchisee. As Aire Serv of the Adirondacks, he and (left to right) Heating and Cooling Specialist Jamie Tompkins, Heating and Cooling Apprentice Brad Pellerin and Heating and Cooling Specialist Doug Overton are able to offer additional maintenance and repair services complemented by the company-s Code of Values.

PERU -- A local plumbing, heating and insulation contractor has become a franchisee of a national air-conditioning and heating maintenance and service company.

JT Mechanical, LLC, owner Jeffery Twigg has become a franchisee of Aire Serv. The Waco, Texas-based company is part of The Dwyer Group Inc., a holding company of six independent franchise businesses.

"One thing I like is they (Aire Serv) operate on a code of values. It's a great organization to be a part of," Twigg said of his Aire Serv of the Adirondacks franchise.

The Dwyer Group Code of Values is based on respect, integrity and focus on the customer, while having fun in the process.

"Front-line service is a big part of the code. It's about how you treat your customers and vendors," he said. "To me, that's very important."

Twigg and Heating and Cooling Specialist Doug Overton first went to the company headquarters in Texas for a one-day orientation in December.

"When we went to Texas, I saw the company practices what it preaches," Twigg said.

The orientation allowed Twigg to decide if he wanted to be part of the Aire Serv team, but also allowed the company to see if it wanted Twigg to be part of the team.

"They don't decide (yes) on everybody," he said.

Twigg said he was happy to join the Aire Serv family, with its proven system and Code of Values.

"We will show our customers we will live by the code the company has established," he said.

The two men went back in January for a week of training. It covers all aspects of the business, such as budgeting, fiscal fitness, recruiting employees, accounting, marketing and strategic planning.

Twigg said he's been in business for about 10 years. He started on his own, then formed JT Mechanical.

"We always did service work on what we installed," he said.

The opportunity to get an Aire Serv franchise allowed him to expand the service end of the business to equipment installed by others.

"We were never set up for service. The new trucks are set up for service work," Twigg said. "I can now provide my customers the service they deserve."

There will now be two companies, Twigg said. JT Mechanical will continue to do plumbing, electrical and urethane insulation work, while Aire Serv of the Adirondacks will provide full-spectrum heating and air-conditioning work, including maintenance and service.

"We'll do anything from new installations to fixing broken equipment," he said.

The two companies, which used to be run from Twigg's house in the Town of Peru, are now run from a small office next door.

"We outgrew the house," Twigg said. "It's nice to be separate, to not be living in the business."

Aire Serv of the Adirondacks serves Clinton and Essex counties. It offers 24-hour-a-day service, with no emergency call fees added on.

Twigg said the company works on a flat-fee system, so customers will know the price up front.

"When you call, you get the same service, the same price every time," Twigg said.

There are four employees in addition to Twigg. Another is expected to come on in May.

Originally from the Ithaca area, Twigg came to Plattsburgh when he was in the Air Force. He retired when Plattsburgh Air Force Base closed in 1995.

His local rental properties led to a lot of maintenance and repair work, so he went to Auburn Technical Institute, a division of Rood Utilities, to learn to work on furnaces. Twigg did the repair work part time while working part time at the U.S. Post Office in Rouses Point.

"I had four big jobs one fall. I reached a point where I had to make a decision on what I wanted to do," he said. "I made the decision I wanted to be a contractor. The business has grown from there."

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