Big impact in a small wonder

ROBIN CAUDELL/STAFF PhotosThese Iceland poppies, transitioning from seedling pots, are surrounded by a ring of clear-crystal-white Alyssum in a mustard pot made in Portugal. The poppies like garden spots in the full sun, and they bloom late spring to early summer. Delicate English Viola "Etain" (right) can be planted in sun or partial shade. It makes an attractive cut flower and can be used as a small-scale ground cover. It re-blooms in cool weather.

PLATTSBURGH — It's been a cold, wet start to the growing season 2019.

If you're down with the rain-won't-go-away blues, try container gardening for a lift.

You can plant what you want when you want, and you can moderate how wet or cold the plants of your choice get by sheltering them in an outbuilding, on a patio or in your home in, perhaps, a sun room.

Gift certificates are the fail-safe choice for a novice or seasoned gardener.

These pots were purchased just that way, as were the plants — English Viola, Iceland Poppy and clear-crystal-white Alyssum.

A handful of stones in the bottom for drainage, a bag and a half of potting soil, plant placement, a good watering, and these pots were ready to adorn a doorstep, deck or patio.

Stick miniature flags among the blooms for Memorial Day and do a repeat for Flag Day and the Fourth of July.

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